Air conditioning – where and for whom?

Who does not know the feeling of melting in midsummer?! The fan in the corner does its best but it doesn’t make the air any colder. One solution for cool living spaces always comes quickly to mind: air conditioning. But before buying and installation should pay attention to some key points.

What are the types of air conditioners?

Already at the time of purchase should think about which air conditioner is right, because there is quite a wide choice. Smaller mobile devices are currently very popular, see cover picture. These units, called monoblocs, can immediately begin service when installed at home. Monoblocs differ in versions with or without air exhaust hoses, which blow the stale and warm air of the room outside.

Thermotec AG - Air conditioning - where and for whom? - Funktionsweise Splitgeraet

A heat exchanger on the outside of a building carries the cooling fluid to the indoor modules ©Kira_Yan | Fotolia

In addition, there are split systems, which are divided into an external compressor and connected modules. The advantage of these devices, compared to the monoblocks, is reduced energy consumption and noise. Also, the split units are the first choice for permanent use at home, while the monoblocs are placed more on demand.

Where is the optimal location for the air conditioner?

A monoblock without exhaust hoses can be placed in the room where you are. The only requirement is a power source. Split air conditioners and air conditioners with exhaust hoses, on the other hand, must provide a means of removing the air to the outside. Therefore, you should find a place in the house where you can make a small breakthrough without major obstacles. Attention must also be paid to the condition of the outer facade to avoid damage there.

Alternatively to the breakthrough, there are also adapter plates with a hole for windows. Here you need to open the window completely and insert the adapter plate with hole. Of course, you can also saw a wooden plate to size yourself.

It is best to choose a place for the cooling modules of the air conditioner, where you either spend a lot of time in the summer or where the coolness is particularly important. Most systems are installed in bedrooms to be spared from the heat at night and sleep peacefully. It should be noted that the module inside (usually in the wall), requires a small drain for condensation, which must be drained into a pipe, a collection tank or outside. To ensure that everything is done properly, it is advisable to get help from a professional during installation.

For whom are air conditioners best suited?

The advantage of air conditioners in the first place is that they can provide tolerable temperatures in their own homes even in midsummer. Especially for people who are susceptible to heat, such as the elderly, small children or the sick, whose ability to tolerate high temperatures is limited, it is worth buying such a system. A cold source can also be a beneficial measure for people who generally suffer from circulatory problems or who have such a predisposition.

For allergy sufferers, air conditioners that not only cool but directly filter and freshen the air are one way to relieve their symptoms. Some devices can even filter out house dust and the mites in it, so that the allergic reaction of affected people is absent.

Disadvantages of air conditioners

Of course, air conditioners have not only advantages, but there are also a few negative aspects. First and foremost, there is a not inconsiderable power consumption. Depending on the type of device, consumption can increase dramatically. The top performers are the monoblocs, whose consumption far exceeds that of the split units. With a good split system, you can expect to pay about 25 cents per hour for electricity (varies, of course, depending on the electricity provider and the unit). Another point to consider is that not all people tolerate air conditioning all the time. Too much cold and dry mucous membranes can quickly lead to illness. Colds, bronchial problems and infections can, but do not have to, be the result. If you know about such possible symptoms in advance, you should seek advice on this directly when buying to find a suitable system.

Thermotec AG - Air conditioning - where and for whom? - Filterwechsel bei Splitgeraet

Regular filter changes for the indoor module ensure dust-free air ©Kira_Yan | Fotolia

The background noise can also quickly become an annoying factor in mobile compact devices. However, the devices have a volume indication on the packaging or in the description text. Also, air conditioners have a comparatively high need for maintenance, compared to other electronic devices. Here, the quality of the system also determines maintenance intervals and service life.

Well thought out

If you think through all the previous arguments, you will come to the conclusion that air conditioners/air conditioners are an improvement in the quality of life for many people. People who particularly suffer from heat or whose health may be affected by it should consider purchasing a system. When buying, however, expert advice is a must in order to find a device that meets your own needs. Also, you should not cut corners for this little luxury in the purchase, if you get lower consumption and longer life in return. Installation in the house or apartment should also be well thought out to achieve optimum performance and avoid major alterations. To properly enjoy the cold, you should still ventilate regularly, because a fresh air supply has neither monoblocs nor split units.

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