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Thermal investigation

On January 8, 2018, a measurement of the AeroFlow® MIDI 1950 electric heater from Thermotec AG took place at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences. The following characteristic values of the radiator were determined:

  • The share of infrared heat in the total heat flux transferred is about 25 %. Accordingly, 75% of the total heat flow is transferred in the form of convection heat.
  • The measured maximum value for the 50 Hz magnetic flux density is only 9 µT (microtesla), which is well below the permissible maximum value of 200 µT (maximum value from “Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields – 26th BImSchV, Annex 1” as at: 26.03.2018).
  • By the way: The magnetic field of the earth (magnetic flux density) is between 20 and 60 µT (Source : Wikipedia: Earth’s magnetic field).

Our AeroFlow® electric heaters have been inspected and tested for suitability by independent expert Dipl.-Ing. Peter vom Ort.


  • which is why the AeroFlow® radiators are significantly more efficient than infrared heaters
  • How they score with an excellent footprint-to-heat efficiency ratio
  • how AeroFlow® radiators contribute to a healthy indoor climate in the long term
  • which is why they are far superior to infrared heaters in the field of economy

you will find the complete test report as PDF.