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Surface storage heaters

Thermotec AG - Surface storage heaters - Group 15120

The principle

The heart of our AeroFlow® surface storage heating system is the specially developed internal fireclay brick. In it, in turn, are the heating conductors. Therefore, unlike conventional electric heaters, it is not the steel jacket that is heated, but the stone. Through the louvers above the heat enters directly into the room. Thus, the radiator draws in cold air from below, heats it and releases it back into the room at the top – the so-called convection heat.

Once the desired room temperature, which you enter via the thermostat, is reached, the heater turns off and the firebrick continues to give off heat without consuming electricity.

Direct radiant heat, convection and heat dissipation without permanent power supply.

The way AeroFlow® electric heaters work

Thermotec AG - Surface storage heaters - Group 15116

Longer heat duration due to fins and storage stone

A manufacturing process specially developed by us has improved the heat transfer from the heating stones to the housing. As a result, the radiator heats up particularly quickly and evenly. In addition, the flow-optimized finned surface of the AeroFlow® electric heater gives off more radiant heat than units with a flat surface.

All together, our surface storage heater provides comfortable room temperatures and helps save energy costs: The specially designed lamellas heat quickly and evenly without raising dust and our fireclay stone stores the heat particularly well to keep the temperature of the radiator constant for a long time and not have to reheat.

More heating power due to separate heating zones

Under normal circumstances, more heat is generated at the top of a heater. This then ensures uneven delivery of heat into the room. However, to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed in your home, the AeroFlow® surface storage heater has separate heating zones at the top and bottom with different wattages.

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Each heating segment has its own temperature switch

Your advantages with Thermotec

Comfortable heating warmth

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Excellent quality

High security

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Professional control options

FlexiSmart manual control, heating schedule control on the device or app control


FlexiComfortApp, radio control
or app control

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Guaranteed quality

All the workpieces and elements we use are of the highest quality and tested to ensure you longevity and safety. We give you a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty on it. We can do this with a clear conscience, because in our production plant in Saxony we manufacture the radiators – from the folding of the steel to the powder coating and final assembly – all in one piece.

ArtikelMaße (B x H x T mm)kgRaumgröße*
Mini 650380 x 610 x 90174-9m²
Compact 1300680 x 610 x 903010-20m²
Midi 1950980 x 610 x 904215-30m²
Maxi 24501280 x 610 x 905520-40m²
Slim Tall 1600380 x 1250 x 90346-18m²
Slim 1200980 x 325 x 90248-16m²
Slim 16001280 x 325 x 903010-20m²
Slim 20001580 x 325 x 903612-25m²

* average insulation and normal room height
ArtikelLeistung (W)Spannung (V)Sicherung (A)Schutzklasse
Mini 6502303IP 33
Compact13002306IP 33
Midi19502309IP 33
Maxi245023011IP 33
Slim Tall16002307IP 33
Slim12002306IP 33
Slim16002307IP 33
Slim20002309IP 33
Thermotec AG - Surface storage heaters - Group 15126
Color variants

By default, the AeroFlow electric heaters are manufactured in the color pure white (RAL 9010). Upon request, we can produce the radiators in other colors.

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