Questions and answers about electric heaters

1. Where can AeroFlow® electric heaters be used effectively?

AeroFlow electric heaters are an alternative wherever no other heating system (oil, gas) is available or can not be retrofitted. Furthermore, the use is suitable as additional heating, for example in combination with a stove or a wood / coal firing.

• Garden and holiday homes
• Guest room
• Conservatory
• subsequently upgraded rooms (eg: attic)
• Workshop, garage
• Construction containers, exhibition stands, stalls
• Cellar, hobby rooms
• and much more
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2. What are the advantages over other heating systems?

• Comparatively low acquisition costs
• Work wherever there is a power outlet
• No specialist for installation and installation required
• No heating pipes need to be laid
• No storage of heating material necessary
• Optimal controllability, short heating times, pleasant warmth
• Odorless, no particulate matter pollution - reduction of allergy and asthma risk
• Maintenance-free and durable
• No costs for chimney sweeps
• Flexible and mobile use by castors or feet (put away / stowed over spring / summer)

3. How environmentally friendly are electric heaters?

A heating system based on electricity is very common internationally, especially in France, Great Britain, Italy and China. The avoidance of soot particles and fine dust contributes to a significantly better room and house climate and thus reduces the risk of allergies and asthma, especially in adolescent children.

In the case of heating fuels such as gas and oil, a significant increase in prices is expected in the long term due to falling resource stocks. The price of electricity, on the other hand, has been on a downward trend for almost 10 years, but remains largely stable for the end consumer as, for example, the surcharge for the expansion of renewable energies is regularly increased.

If your electricity provider offers electricity from 100% renewable energy sources (wind, water, photovoltaic), you would heat your house or apartment without polluting the environment. They do not produce particulate matter and greenhouse gases, especially CO2. Thus, you do not heat your rooms at the expense of the environment, but help to save resources for future generations and preserve nature.

4. How do AeroFlow® electric heaters work?

The AeroFlow® technology consists of an ideal combination of specially shaped lamellas and state-of-the-art, highly compacted fireclay with excellent heat storage. AeroFlow thus ensures efficient energy conversion into heat and a pleasant room climate due to radiant heat and convection heat.

The AeroFlow electric heaters are not constantly in operation, but only for the duration of the heating (about 20 minutes per hour in already heated room), then they turn off and only use the stored heat for heat generation. Depending on the setting, the surface temperature of the AeroFlow electric heaters reaches 30 to 65 C °.

5. Which types of controllers are available for the heaters?

With AeroFlow electric heaters you can choose between two different controls:

• Radio controller FlexiComfortApp - programmable, with a separate radio thermostat several heaters are controllable (optional: extension of the wireless controller with a SmartHomeBox "TYDOM" / Domotic interface for controlling the radiator via APP on SmartPhone or TabletPC)
• Multi-controller FlexiSmart: can be used like a rotator knob (+/- buttons), integrated digital LCD display: heating plan directly on the device or with intermodule * via app ** programmable (* not included in delivery; ** free, no subscription)
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6. Where can I buy AeroFlow® electric radiators?

You can easily order the AeroFlow® radiators online (for example via one of our premium retailers:,, If you need a specialist company on site, we can put you in touch with them. Please let us know where you are located. See the follwing form.

If you are a specialist dealer, specialist company or designer, please register in our Retailers Area or send us an email to

7. What warranty conditions apply to electric radiators?

The manufacturer grants a 30-year functional guarantee for the heating element and the body of the radiator as from the date of the initial sale. The manufacturer grants a 2-year guarantee for thermostats and controllers as from the date of the initial sale. The statutory warranty rights of the purchaser remain in force in addition to the manufacturer’s guarantee. The exact regulations can be found in our warranty declaration

8. How to make a complaint?

In case of a complaint, our sales team will be there to help. Please use our complaint form to report your complaint. Alternatively, you can find the warranty slip in the downloads area. First fill it carefully and send it by e-mail to us. We will contact you as soon as possible. When claiming side panels or accessories, you will be sent a replacement product, in the packaging of which you can return the defective part with the enclosed return note.

The packaging of the electric heaters should be repealed until the final and satisfactory functional test, in case of a complaint.

9. How are the electric heaters connected to the electricity?

The AeroFlow electric heaters are connected to the electricity via a socket. Alternatively, there is the possibility to integrate the electric heaters directly into the power circuit, in which case an electrician should be consulted (see 10.).

10. What do I have to consider with the electrics?

If several AeroFlow electric radiators are connected to the same electrical circuit, its capacity and layout must be checked and circuit protection must be guaranteed. An electrician should be called in for this.

11. Do I need a separate electricity meter?

No, the AeroFlow electric heaters run over the normal electricity tariff and the usual electricity meter.

12. Are the electric radiators available in other colours?

As standard, our radiators are manufactured in pure white (RAL 9010). In addition to this, we also have included light ivory (RAL 1015), quartz grey (RAL 7039) and anthracite grey (RAL 7016) in our standard program - this means that our radiators in these colours can be delivered mainly from stock.
However, other RAL colours are also possible. You can view the RAL Colour Guide. Please note: when ordering a special colour, the delivery time is increased by approx. 3-4 weeks.
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13. How do I mount the wall bracket for the electric heaters?

The supplied wall bracket, consisting of two struts, is fixed in the masonry with two dowels and strong screws. These are included in the delivery with a manual. For attachment to wood, drywall or other materials, it is advisable to procure suitable fastening material in the specialized trade or DIY store. Please get advice on site regarding the dimensions and weight of the AeroFlow electric heaters. In any case, pay attention to the course of the power lines in the flush-mounted when selecting the height of the lower screws to avoid damage to the power lines.

Possible alternatives to the standard wall bracket can be found on the accessories page.

14. What are the distances to the floor, the wall, the windowsill?

If the AeroFlow electric heaters are attached to the wall bracket, the following distances result:

• from the floor about 8 cm (height flexibly selectable);
• from the wall about 3 cm;
• 3 cm to the windowsill (flexible depending on the mounting height, the AeroFlow electric heaters do not necessarily have to be installed under the windows).

The bathroom radiators are flexible in the choice of mounting height, the distance to the floor is usually 20 - 30 cm, the distance to the wall about 8 cm.

15. Which radiator is suitable for which room size?

The suitability of the AeroFlow® electric radiators in terms of room size can be found in the product details
. Consulting an energy adviser is recommended as an option.

16. What is the energy consumption to be expected?

Energy consumption depends largely on your personal consumption and heating requirements. In addition, as with any other type of heating, the following factors play a role:

• Thermal insulation of the room
• Room size
• Outside temperature
• Adjusted internal temperature
• Number, size and insulation of the windows
• Performance of installed radiators
• Other devices in the room (eg refrigerators)

The optimum controllability of the AeroFlow electric heaters with display or wireless controller with night-time temperature reduction optimizes energy consumption. The fireclay brick storage heat ensures that the AeroFlow electric heaters are not continuously in operation, but only about 20 minutes per hour after heating up the room.

The suitability of the AeroFlow electric heaters with regard to the room size can be found in the product details. The inclusion of an energy consultant is optional.

17. What energy costs can be expected?

The amount of your energy costs depends largely on the conditions of your electricity provider and the energy consumption. The more the heater is in operation and the higher the desired temperature, the higher the consumption. See also previous question. You save on the purchase and in the further course costs for maintenance, inspection, chimney sweep, exhaust gas measurement, etc.

18. What happens to my settings during a power failure?

Heaters with display controller "FlexiComfort" keep the stored comfort settings. The time of day goes back to factory setting after about six hours (Monday 0 o'clock). Models with radio receiver differ in their behavior: Their settings are not stored at the radio receiver at the heater, but at the associated thermostat.

Radio receiver FlexiComfortApp (X3D):
After a power failure, regardless of whether this is due to night current or a classic power failure, radio receiver and thermostat independently connect to each other. You do not have to pay attention. The radiator immediately starts heating again if the power failure has occurred during a pre-programmed heating time.

FlexiSmart controller:
In the event of a power failure, all settings are retained! Only the time is lost after about 6 to 8 years . The radiator immediately starts heating again if the power failure has occurred in a pre-programmed heating time or if the temperature requires heating. The internet module / gateway stores all settings in the event of a power failure. The heaters do not need to be reconnected to the internet module.

19. Are your devices asbestos-free?

Of course, our heaters contain only the long used in chimney construction and well-proven storage material fireclay.
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