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Bathroom Heaters

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Two systems to choose from

Electric heaters are ideal especially for use in bathrooms. Since these rooms are usually used only for a short time, electric heaters can quickly provide sufficient heat. Especially since the temperatures in the bathroom in particular are set much higher than in other rooms of the house. According to your needs, Thermotec allows you to choose between two heating systems:

Towel radiators with heating cartridge or
Surface storage heaters with fireclay core

Towel radiator


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Two sizes

Model BH114E4:
Height: 775mm
Width: 600mm
Power consumption: 500W
Heat output: 411W
Suitable for: approx. 4m²

Model BH116E4:
Height: 1.775mm
Width: 600mm
Power consumption: 1000W
Heat output: 934W
Suitable for: approx. 9m²


High quality control panel

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Remote control included

ArtikelMaße (B x H x T mm)kgRaumgröße*
BH114E4775 x 600 x 8513bis ca. 4 m²
BH116E41775 x 600 x 8527bis ca. 9 m²

* average insulation and normal room height
ArtikelWärmeabgabe (W)Leistung (W)Spannung (V)Schutzklasse
BH114E411500230IP X5
BH116E9341000230IP X5

Economical &
heat safely

Our modern energy-saving AeroFlow© electric heater with its high-density firebrick storage core and our specially designed heating system fits perfectly into any environment.

The heater is particularly safe for use in bathrooms due to the heating conductor located in the stone and the separate temperature switches per heating element. The thermostat allows you to control the heat with pinpoint accuracy: automatic switch-on, e.g. at your get-up and go-to-bed times, and then automatic switch-off. Of course, also on the road with our app-enabled controller.

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Made in Germany. Made by Thermotec.

Electric heaters of the latest generation

All Thermotec electric heaters can be easily combined with a photovoltaic system.

Use solar energy to bring the warmth into your home!

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