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Use in living rooms

Surface storage heaters are ideal as a supplement or replacement for central heating at home. Whether you want to make rooms usable without radiators connected to the heating system or need to bridge a central heating failure, electric heating is a viable option. In times of rising gas and oil prices, area storage heaters also offer themselves as a replacement for conventional fossil fuel heating. Especially if you have a photovoltaic system yourself, using the electricity generated on site is often more economical than feeding the energy into the grid.

Electric panel storage heaters can also be a viable option when making old buildings usable. Old houses without basements often do not provide the necessary space to install a new heating system. The fact that there are additional high costs for the installation of water and riser pipes and connections in the individual living rooms does not make the facility more attractive. At the same time, wood or pellet stoves, which are often advertised as an alternative to the heating system, are not very flexible and costly to use.

On the other hand, electric radiators with fireclay storage core provide easy to regulate temperatures and pleasant warmth. Also, the acceptance of the electric heater by the chimney sweep is not required. Electric heating systems are also becoming increasingly popular for retrofitting attics or other parts of buildings. Last but not least, in cases where historic preservation plays a role, the use of modern electric panel storage heaters often makes the conversion possible in the first place. Only power lines need to be laid for operation, no costly connection to the heating system is required.

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Surface storage heaters such as the AeroFlow® models from Thermotec are also mobile and can therefore be used even more flexibly. This is especially interesting if you want to use the radiator only temporarily to substitute or supplement a conventional heating system. With the help of separately available mobile bases, you can easily move the radiators from room to room. Thus, one heater can be used to heat different rooms. And exactly where you need the heat.

In addition, AeroFlow® users benefit from the possibility to control the surface storage heating via app. This even works on the go via smartphone or tablet. Using the app, you can switch on the radiators before you even get home. The FlexiComfortApp also makes it possible to define different temperature zones in the house or apartment. This allows you to individually adjust the indoor climate to your daily routine and needs.

Use in bathrooms

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Pleasant warmth at the right times

In times of rising energy prices, it makes only limited sense to permanently heat rooms like the bathroom. For most people, it is important to be able to keep the bathroom at a comfortable temperature so that they do not have to get out of the shower in the winter when it is freezing cold. But during the rest of the day heating the room is not necessary. Only temperatures below freezing should be avoided to prevent damage to the water pipes. But conventional heating systems are often inflexible in this respect. Central heating systems in apartment buildings are often turned down at night, a pleasant preheating of the bathroom in the early morning hours is then not possible. Even in single-family homes, it is often not common to run the heating system at full power at night.

Electric surface storage heaters like Thermotec’s AeroFlow® are a viable option for quickly warming up the bathroom. Optionally, our high-quality radiators you can get a practical towel rail, which allows you to pleasantly preheat a towel. The SLIM-TALL version of the AeroFlow® electric heaters easily fits even in smaller bathrooms. With a width of just 38 centimeters, the radiator can be installed even on short walls. Thanks to its height, it still provides enough surface area to reliably warm up the room.

By means of the smart thermostat, Thermotec’s surface storage heaters can be configured very precisely. For example, you can set the heating to heat up at the same time every morning. Configuration depending on the day of the week is also possible. So you can start the day in a warm and pleasant bathroom.

In addition, a minimum temperature can be configured on the thermostat. Thus, in an emergency, the heater ensures that the temperature remains high enough to prevent mold or even frost.In addition, there is the option to control the thermostat via app. For example, if you are exercising outside in the winter, you can switch on the heating in the bathroom while you are still on the move. After returning home, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing shower bath.

By the way, a cost-effective alternative to surface storage heating in the bathroom can be our bathroom radiators with KTX heating cartridges. The electric towel radiators controlled by a microprocessor can be heated up quickly and thus quickly provide comfortable warmth in the bathroom.

Available in three color options and a modern design, the radiators, which come in two sizes, also cut a good figure visually. As with our AeroFlow® heaters, you can configure the desired temperature on the towel radiators directly on the unit.

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Economical heating

For every bathroom the right electric heater.

Holiday Home & Hobby

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Effective heat for individual needs

For rooms that are not permanently used, surface storage heaters are the ideal heating system. Due to their low purchase and, above all, installation costs, they make the use of certain areas and rooms during the colder season at all reasonable.

Garden sheds and hobby cellars, for example, are often not connected to the central heating system. In winter, this often makes them too cold and inhospitable to be actively used. With an electric panel storage heater, you fill rooms with targeted heat when you need it. For example, if you are planning a party, this is ideal. In a short time you can bring the room in the garden shed to temperature. This is economical and gives you the necessary space to develop more diversely.

Surface storage heaters can also serve as frost monitors. This is especially relevant in the garden shed or conservatory, where during the cold months are often stored cold-sensitive plants. The AeroFlow® surface storage heaters offered by Thermotec can be configured by thermostat to maintain a stable temperature above freezing. Thanks to the possibility of switching on the heating in a time-controlled manner, you also have the option to warm up the rooms in question according to demand. Nothing stands in the way of a breakfast in the winter garden, even if you don’t have to get out of bed half an hour earlier.

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If you call a vacation home your own, electric panel storage heating can also be a viable option. This is because it is often not worth installing a larger heating system, especially in houses that are often empty for days or weeks at a time. Surface storage heaters, on the other hand, offer an economical option for immersing the house in cozy warmth within a short time, even in winter. Electric radiators play a role in this as frost monitors and ensure that water pipes do not freeze at very low temperatures. With the help of a separately available Internet module, you can connect the heaters to your router. After that, it is possible to configure, program and set the heating power remotely via app. In addition, you can use the app to keep an eye on whether the room temperature in your vacation home is at a stable level. If necessary, you can then intervene or ask a neighbor to check on things.