From Upper Lusatia to the whole world

Heat from renewable sources is the future - this is our vision. Intelligent use of heat from renewable sources is our mission. Thermotec AG has been a world-renowned manufacturer and specialist for electric radiators with the “Made in Germany” mark for 20 years.

With around 55 employees, we develop and produce efficient electric heaters as part of the "AeroFlow" brand. From the idea to the tailor-made plant construction (production-related implementation) to worldwide sales, we combine all steps under one roof for maximum efficiency.

Production, management, storage and shipping take place in 5,000 m2 of office and hall space. The buildings are located on the site of a former 52,000 m2 quarry in the middle of the picturesque landscape of Lower Silesian Lusatia between Dresden and Görlitz. Deeply rooted in the region, we develop and produce here, in the heart of Europe,modern electric heaters for worldwide use, especially in Europe and China.
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Quality without compromise

Made in Germany
30 years
Manufaturer warranty
ISO 9001:2015


Quality as a holistic corporate philosophy


We take responsibility for our actions and make bold decisions. We act as a team and support each other. Together we convince with the good quality of our work.


Many work processes overlap with those of other departments and work areas. We work effectively together. We attach great importance to mutual openness, conciseness and friendliness in dealing with one another.


Only those who know their goal can achieve it. Therefore, we define clear requirements that we consistently adhere to. Together we define stages and decide when we can and want to implement them. Along the way, we keep checking where we are. That is how we achieve our goals.


Clear structures are of a high priority for us as they are the prerequisite for professional work. This includes a tidy working environment where everyone has a place and can find themselves. Thanks to order, we gain time to concentrate on what is important: our work.


In order to achieve the best possible quality, each stage of production is subject to constant control. We define measurable quality features and check compliance objectively. The documentation and evaluation help us to correct deficiencies. We are only finished when the demands of our customers and our quality standards are met.


Errors can happen. We take responsibility for them and treat them constructively and seriously. They are a source of information for us, for example, about weaknesses in the process or possible new solutions. We get to the bottom of the cause together and make sure that the same error does not recur.


The permanent optimisation of our processes and structures is part of our corporate culture. We would like to improve and we are constantly working on that. Our employees are experts in their field and look for causes and solutions in their work area. If a proposed solution becomes a measurable improvement, it becomes the new standard.

That's what we stand for

“The outstanding quality of our products and our processes is the basis of our success. We want to be the best with our performance and not just satisfy our customers, but inspire them. To achieve this, we set ourselves ambitious goals, which we work towards with passion and self-confidence across organizational 
boundaries. The high level of
in-house production and a process environment that is otherwise only found in large companies make us particularly fast - this maintains our independence, of which we are very proud.”

Christian Adams
The Management Board of Thermotec AG


Reliable quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures consistently high product and service quality. We have been certified by TÜV since 2019.


In order to be able to generate continuous growth, we are constantly working on developing new products and innovations. To this end, we hold “Ideas Factory” workshops at regular intervals. Our development team then turns these ideas into reality by creating drawings, building prototypes and then putting them through their paces until the product meets our high-quality requirements. In addition to our own test stands, 3D printer and temperature measuring station, we also have contacts with external institutes (e.g. the University of Leipzig) which can carry out additional tests for us. Ultimately, the focus of every new or further development at Thermotec is always the quality and credibility of our brand.
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Made in Germany

"Made in Germany" is not just a slogan for us. It is a seal of quality for goods manufactured in Germany. It is our commitment and our constant aspiration to manufacture high-quality products that satisfy the users for a long time with timeless design and sustainable quality. To achieve this goal, we deliberately avoid outsourcing and subcontractors. Our products are produced by our qualified employees in our factory in Vierkirchen and shipped from there all over the world.


Our work processes are clearly defined and allow us to work precisely and economically with a short manufacturing time of our products. Machine automation combined with manual manufacturing results is a good symbiosis and brings high quality and efficiency to our production processes. In addition, a high degree of vertical integration in our company gives us freedom and minimizes delivery difficulties. The internally installed lean management is constantly working on the improvement of the processes in order to avoid waste of time and material and to minimize interface problems. We do not leave improvements to chance, but fix them in a targeted manner together with our employees. Causes become solutions and solutions become improvements.

Arbeiter an Maschine
Arbeiter an Maschine


Every single production step at Thermotec is subject to constant quality control. Our goal is to meet the high quality requirements of our customers and to reduce quality fluctuations to a minimum.
In cooperation with scientific institutes, we also ensure that all the technologies we use are always state-of-the-art.

We are sure of our quality:
Independently of the statutory warranty rights, we as manufacturers provide a warranty for the duration of 30 years on our radiators. You can see the exact warranty conditions here.


The distribution of our heaters takes place via different channels: On the one hand, we supply the online trade, and on the other hand, we have specialist trade customers throughout Germany and Europe who offer our products. In addition, we have installers and specialist companies who sell the heaters and install them directly on the customer's premises. What is and remains important to us is our independence from large retail chains.
We export our products to many European countries and even as far as China. The further expansion of our export business is intended and is continuously pursued. In the office, a qualified service team looks after our customers at home and abroad and advises each customer personally and competently on all questions. In case of high telephone traffic or outside opening hours, our chatbot is available to our customers.
Arbeiter an Maschine


Established in 2016, the high-bay and small-parts warehouse is designed for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness. In order to be able to deliver goods to our customers on time we keep our products in a storage area of more than 3,000 m², of which more than 1,000 pallet spaces form our buffer store. Most shipments leave our premises within 48 hours to be sent to their destination by freight forwarder or parcel service.


Have your own opinion

"e-heizsysteme Kolano, formerly EH Switzerland, is extremely impressed by the quality and the variety of the product range from Thermotec AG.
We were able to see this for ourselves in the factory. We are particularly pleased that all parts are developed and manufactured in-house. We are delighted that the delivery times are adhered to, and are foreseeably short. We are convinced that this innovative team will continue to create new projects in the future and we look forward to working with the company."
e-heizsysteme kolano
"The smooth and successful cooperation with Thermotec brings lasting joy to our RW-elektro team. It is enormously motivating to rely on such an effective product range that combines technology, benefits, clear advantages and timeless design so well, with short delivery times for immediate and effective use. Ultimately, it is about our satisfied customers who can clearly rely on the manufacturer’s German quality.
We would like to thank you very much that as a sales partner we can not only rely on the products, but also, from the dealer’s point of view, on all product-related issues at Thermotec. Keep it up!"
RW-elektro & Sicherheitstechnik
“In a nutshell: A friendly and ambitious team with a great innovative product! It’s a pleasure to work with the people and the company and to be able to experience its development. As a supplier, we have fully supported and accompanied Thermotec AG with great joy from the beginning. Keep it up!”
ESB- European Steel Business Deutschland GmbH


Our quality has its reward: In June 2015, "Allgemeiner Unternehmer Verband Görlitz und Umgebung e.V." association awarded us with a prize for entrepreneurs. With this prize, the association honours regional entrepreneurs that can boast special development.

Thermotec history at a glance


Foundation of Thermotec GmbH by Sebastian Heidrich


Construction of the 1,100 m2 production hall in Friedersdorf


Extensive investments in machinery stock, including a lamella press for the heaters


Construction and installation of an automated welding line for front and rear panels


Thermotec GmbH is transformed into Thermotec AG

Relocation from Friedersdorf to Arnsdorf, Vierkirchen with a 53,000 m2 plot and 2,000 m2 of production and office space


Thermotec is awarded the East Saxon Entrepreneurship Prize (Ostsächsicher Unternehmerpreis)


Establishment of the storage hall with a 3,000 m2 radiator warehouse


Christian Adams becomes the new head of Thermotec New strategic focus of the company

Start of the Lean Management project

First certification according to ISO DIN EN 9001:2015

Production of 100,000th radiator (10/04/2019)


Expansion of the export department and internationalisation of sales, further automation of production


Implementation of a service life test bench for testing heating control under stress conditions


Planned: Fully automated welding system for front and rear panels

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