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The world is on the move. Energy supply with fossil fuels is becoming uncertain and expensive in the long term due to the ever scarcer resources. As we look to the future, many questions occupy our minds:

  • What are the energy sources of the future?
  • What do we want to use in the future to heat our homes in the most efficient and climate-neutral way?
  • What will the heating and heating control of the future look like?
  • How do we as Thermotec best meet customer demands for comfort, efficiency, design and quality?
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We are convinced:
E-heat is the future

The fact is that electricity from renewable energy sources and thus heating with electricity is becoming increasingly efficient. We have to use e-heat cleverly. That’s what we want and that’s what we do! Our highly efficient and high-quality electric heaters shall be the convincing heating system for more and more people in the future. At the same time, we constantly follow and take into account the latest trends:

Use of alternative energy

More and more people want to use the energy they generate themselves for their own needs, for their own cars or even their own heating, instead of feeding it into the power grid. The electricity generated by photovoltaic systems can be fed into the house grid, where it can be used by all electrical appliances within the house. Thus, when using electric radiators, there are no additional costs for oil, gas or wood.

Resource storage

Heat storage and electricity storage will help us in the future to balance out fluctuations in energy supply and demand. Even today, our specially developed firebricks in our surface storage heaters perform such a “buffer function”. They store heat particularly well and keep the temperature of the radiator constant for a long time without having to reheat.

Networking & Smart Home

The control of electric heating must be comfortable, cover many functions, but also be intuitive and easy to use. In addition, controllable and controllable via app and cell phone. And if the Internet or wi-fi does fail, then the control directly on the device must work just as well so that there are no cold feet. All these features are combined in our FlexiSmart and FlexiComfortApp controls.

Development focus

New product development

We are constantly working to develop new products and innovations. The aim is always to further increase the comfort in the (living) spaces used and to use the resources of our environment as effectively as possible. Our vision is maximum comfortable climate with minimum energy consumption - and that in the usual Thermotec quality.

Improvement of our products

Our main focus is on the continuous development and improvement of our heaters. In doing so, we consciously look at the needs of the user:How can the control of the heating become easier? How can power consumption be further reduced?How can the appearance of the radiators be designed?How can multi-device control become more effective for large users?

Development of heat accumulators

We are putting part of our development work into researching new heat storage systems. The heat accumulator is the basis for the efficient use of generated thermal energy. Especially when using alternative heat generators, the heating storage tank should ensure that the energy is consumed when it is needed and not when it is produced.

Development at Thermotec

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Quality, professionalism and implementation strength in-house

Our experienced engineers with many years of experience develop concepts and prototypes from ideas and requirements of our customers with the highest professionalism and passion. An intensive exchange with external laboratories and development partners guarantees the best solutions. This means that the entire product development process takes place in-house, right through to production engineering implementation. For us, this means efficiency and quality.

Because quality is planned at every stage of development: through the selection of the best materials and the use of the latest production processes and production-accompanying tests. Another important factor is that with in-house developments, the know-how remains within the company. This in turn gives us control over the project flow and reduces dependencies. All development projects are comprehensively documented technically by the responsible developers. Future projects and improvements are then created on this basis.

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Development Network

We are not able to implement all areas of our developments within our own company, which is why Thermotec is integrated into a development network with other companies, universities, research institutes and experts. The cooperation of a wide range of experts and departments ensures that new, interesting products, materials or projects are examined and evaluated from all directions. For us, the basis of cooperation consists of mutual trust and a common understanding of values.

Many of our innovative projects were so interesting that we were able to take advantage of public funding for further development. We are proud of that! This is because, in addition to the wealth of information, knowledge and solutions that we have gained through our development work, we have also been able to register several protected patents in the field of heat storage materials.

Also for the future we are open for further cooperations and networks to develop the best solutions for our customers.

Direct contact: Mr. Christian Adams,

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Promoting the market launch of innovative products

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Innovation premium technical development of a new thermostat

Development projects

2019 - 2021

Development of heat storage modules based on phase change materials

With the Institute for Non-Classical Chemistry e.V. at the University of Leipzig (INC), the heat transfer of thermal conduction structures into special heat storage matrial, so-called PCM (“Phase Change Material”) was tested and its cycle stability demonstrated.

With this material we have already built the first prototype for an absolutely novel storage heater. The development is still ongoing.

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2020 - 2021

Development of a test bench for service life testing of thermostats

Together with the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the Zittau University of Applied Sciences, we have developed a test rig to simulate the service life of thermostats under climatic stress conditions over a period of 30 years.

Every newly developed control system has to pass through this and has to pass the high requirements. This is unique in our industry.

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Thermal investigation

On January 8, 2018, a measurement of our AeroFlow® MIDI 1950 electric heater took place at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences. The following characteristic values of the radiator were determined:

  • The share of infrared heat in the total heat flux transferred is about 25 %. Accordingly, 75% of the total heat flux is transferred in the form of convection heat.
  • The measured maximum value for the 50 Hz magnetic flux density is only 9 μT (microtesla), which is well below the permissible maximum value of 200 μT (maximum value from “Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields – 26th BImSchV, Annex 1” Status: 26.03.2018
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Performance and economic comparison of AeroFlow and infrared radiators

The expert Dipl.-Ing. Peter from the site has determined that the aeroflow system has twice the heat output compared to conventional infrared radiators in terms of the size of the radiator surfaces.

In addition, the heating times of the aeroflow system are only half as long as those of classic infrared radiators due to the design of the radiator. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the Aeroflow radiator has significant advantages, as it accounts for approximately 48% lower investment costs of the heating surfaces and has lower surface temperatures during operation.

In comparison with the classic infrared radiator, maximum temperatures of 60°C are reached on the surface of the aeroflow system, while surface temperatures of over 90°C are reached on pure infrared radiators.

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Those who stop getting better have stopped being good

Thermotec think tank

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At the beginning of an innovation is the idea

We are not the only ones with good ideas. The best ideas for future products or functions and features in our products come from our customers worldwide!

Therefore, we look forward to your input. Input on electric heaters, on new features. Ideas for use, further development or cooperations. We live the continuous improvement. We are pushing for innovation.

Contact us – we are looking forward to your idea!

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We stand by this

“We want to offer our customers the best solutions for their wishes. And no one knows their wishes and needs better than they do. So what could be more natural than asking our many satisfied customers what they need and what they like?”

Christian Adams, Managing Director Thermotec AG