When does electric heating make sense?

There are many reasons to use electric heaters: Especially when the installation of another heating system is expensive or technically difficult. Electric heating can also be the right solution for a room that is not permanently used.

Typical applications of electric heaters:

  • Garden house or gazebo
  • Weekend or vacation home
  • Converted guest room or hobby room in the basement and attic
  • Winter garden
  • Garage
  • Bathroom – as an additional electric bathroom heater
  • Short term warmer
  • Transitional heating for defective central heating
  • Houses and housing estates with self-sufficient alternative energy supply

Electric heaters are flexible and easy to use, fireclay core creates comfortable heat

Electric heaters are powered by household electricity. They only need to be plugged into an electrical outlet and they will provide cozy warmth. The purchase is significantly cheaper than the installation of a central heating system. An electric heater can be used flexibly in different rooms with feet and casters or attached to the wall in a few simple steps. Once installed, AeroFlow radiators – unlike conventional heaters – run completely maintenance-free.

Modern control technology avoids idling of electric heaters

Another advantage is the control of electric radiators via modern thermostats. For example, heating corridors can be set. Then only defined living areas (heating corridors) are specifically heated to the desired room temperature. The same applies to the time control of heating. Bathroom heaters and space heaters can be programmed to appropriate times. Thus, living areas or individual rooms are warm when they are to be used or when visitors or guests arrive.

Smart and networked: A matter of course at AeroFlow

Smart control of devices and technology in one’s own apartment or house – for many people, this is still a thing of the future. The AeroFlow surface storage heaters, on the other hand, can be networked immediately after installation and controlled via mobile devices, even while on the move. In addition, several Thermotec E heaters can be connected to one radio receiver for central regulation.

Economy of electric heating

In principle, modern surface storage heaters are very economical. 15 minutes of power can provide up to an hour of heat. While central heating systems react sluggishly, electric heaters can be turned on and stopped at the push of a button. Thanks to fireclay core, they provide a pleasant radiant heat like a tiled stove, without constantly consuming electricity.

If the electric heating works with green electricity, no fossil fuels are needed for the heating operation. The importance of this is shown by the fact that more and more European countries have already banned heating with gas or oil. The ban on oil-fired heating systems is also coming to Germany – from 2026, it will be a thing of the past.

Compared to Germany, the energy policies of many other European countries have already generated more acceptance for the topic of “heating with electricity”. However, the growing use of regenerative energies and the ongoing energy transition in general will inevitably lead to ever broader applications for intelligent electric heating systems in this country as well.

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio on pexels.com

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