Vacation home – So guests quickly warm up

When guests arrive, they want to be warm and cozy as soon as possible. Especially in winter vacation is necessary to have a well-heated vacation apartment. Raumklimaplus offers you an ideal heating system that is inexpensive to install and creates healthy living environment.

Raumklimaplus, the innovative and economical heating system

Our innovative system of Raumklimaplus has high demands, especially in terms of an environmentally friendly heating method. In today’s world, it is of great importance to look for good alternatives that, on the one hand, create a pleasant feeling of well-being in the rooms and, on the other hand, protect the environment and its resources. The impact on the environment is therefore as low as possible and presents itself here with very good values. At the same time, the initial cost of this heating system is low and can be installed quickly.

Quickly assembled and immediately functional

Our electric radiators from Raumklimaplus work individually with state-of-the-art control and a radio thermostat. Thus, each room in the house can be heated according to personal preferences. The living room gets comfort with slightly higher temperatures than in the bedroom, here it can be a little cooler for sleeping. Even if the vacation guests arrive a little earlier than planned, the rooms will warm up quickly after the heating is turned on. Accordingly, prior heating is not absolutely necessary. This creates a cost saving for you in the first place. An additional advantage over the classic oil or gas heating: you do not need to schedule maintenance with the electric radiator. Since the annual maintenance is also associated with financial expenses, here presents another factor to save money.

Raumklimaplus shows you how intelligently you can heat your rooms with electric radiators from now on. Also important to use the room in its size: The electric heater takes up very little space or footprint. As a rule, the ideal solution is to mount it on the wall, because it does not require space in the room, but it is still possible to put the electric radiator, for example, in the guest toilet – and only when it is actually needed. If other rooms need to be heated quickly, the electric heater is mobile and can be placed in another location if desired.

The recommendation of Raumklimaplus

The insider tip among heaters is the compact tile stove from AeroFlow. These and all other electric heaters are installed in the simplest way, no construction work is required for this. Particularly convenient with Aeroflow is that each individual radiator can be placed or mounted on the wall as desired. If you decide to mount the device on the wall, only one nearby socket is required. After that, you have the opportunity to embellish the radiator with decorative materials and get a tasteful installation of your new radiators.

Raumklimaplus says: This is how comfortable today’s heating is

So, in any case, you decide whether to install a compact tile stove in every room across the board, or to install electric heating only in individual rooms. Thanks to different shapes and sizes offers targeted mounting. Thus, radiators for the bathroom are available in various heights and at the same time serve as a towel rack. Furthermore, you have the option to equip your radiators with stands or a mobile base for the mobile models.

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