The perfect wall for the children’s room

Your child also needs space for himself

Children’s room is one of the most important rooms of your child. In it, it has its own space, learns what privacy is, how to develop itself and also how to take care of its living space. Since the child spends more than eight hours in this room, it is necessary to make this room suitable for children. With the right interior design you create the perfect environment for your child.

Pollutants do not belong in the room

Just as you make sure that your child’s toys don’t have hazardous pollutants, you should make sure that the floors and wall paint in your child’s room don’t have pollutants. Especially PVC linoleum floors are dangerous for children. They are easy to clean, but can emit toxic chlorine fumes when exposed to heat and acidic cleaners. Wood or laminate floors are much better. Paint can also be toxic, e.g., contain lead. It is best to ask for low-pollutant paint. If this is additionally breathable, you prevent the formation of mold.

The right color promotes mood

Colors have a special effect on people, so you should choose the appropriate color. Dark and aggressive colors like black and red do not belong in the children’s room. They promote bad moods, aggression and mental illness. Green and yellow promote concentration and learning ability. Blue and purple calm and promote sleep. The room can be divided into separate areas if desired.

Since the child spends several years in this room, the choice of color should be neutral. This allows the child to go through several phases without any problems, and the room will need to be renovated less frequently.

Temperature also plays a role

A child’s room makes special demands on the room temperature. It is not only a bedroom, but also a living room and playroom for the child. Thus, it must be cool in the evening for a healthy sleep and warm during the day so that the child remains healthy and does not freeze. For this you need a good heater. A good heating system additionally prevents the room from becoming too humid and mold from forming. The heater should additionally be childproof and of good quality.

Room climate plus recommends electric heating.
Aerolflow compact tile stove is safe and testifies to good German quality. They are durable, heat up quickly and store heat for a long time.

If you follow all these tips, nothing should stand in the way of the new nursery. You will create a good environment for the child to develop healthily for the next few years.

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