So sick makes the office

If you also work in an office, then you usually assume that the air here is not harmful to your health because you work in supposedly clean rooms. But the opposite is usually the case. After all, employees who work in offices with printers and copiers in particular are often exposed to higher levels of dust, and outdated heating systems only make this worse. Therefore, anyone who wants healthy air in their office should contact the staff at Raumklimaplus.

Raumklimaplus has already recognized the dangers of bad air in the office

If you sometimes feel unwell after a long day at the office, and sick rather than healthy, even though there are actually no significant reasons for this, then it could be due to the wrong indoor climate. Especially if you work in an office where there are also copiers and laser printers, you may also be affected by particulate matter emissions. This depends mainly on the size of the office, as well as the distance between your direct workplace and the respective device, for this purpose Raumklimaplus has developed a formula. Today’s laser printers, laser copiers and also laser faxes constantly emit a very fine dust through their venting system that is not perceived by the eyes. Many people react with burning eyes, bronchitis, other respiratory diseases up to tumor formations in rare cases to this emitted fine dust. Fine dust filters on the affected devices can help against this. Another alternative would be to banish the devices from the offices and put them in a separate room that employees only need to enter when they need a printed paper. So you are not constantly exposed to the danger.

Another problem in the offices, old heating systems

Old heating systems, such as night storage heaters, also contribute to poor and, above all, unhealthy air in the office. At the time, some of the materials and substances used in these were emitting dust into the air that was harmful to health. Thus, heavy metals and mineral or asbestos fibers were processed here. In addition, night storage heaters attract vast amounts of bacteria and dust while they are operating at high temperatures, which are then released back into the air during the day and inhaled by office workers. Raumklimaplus therefore recommends getting rid of old heating systems in offices to protect employees.

The alternative from Raumklimaplus

An alternative to the old heaters and post-storage furnaces would be an Aeroflow compact tile furnace. This oven is very easy to clean and thus well rid of bacteria and dust. Thanks to its large surface area and a low surface temperature, the dust sitting on it can not burn, the air clearly remains cleaner. Despite the fact that it has a low surface temperature, it provides sufficient heat in the offices. This comforting radiant heat poses no health hazard to office workers from dust emissions. Because it is an electric heating system available in many colors, there are no costs for fans, pump power or chimney sweeps. The heating phase is short, but the storage of heat by the fireclay storage core is very long. This heater is clearly the health alternative among heaters for all office workers.

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