Same cost with twice the performance!

Who wants to sit in their own living room with thick wool blankets in the winter? Ulrich family did not, so quickly had to get an infrared heater with 900 watts. This should be enough for the house extension. But to detect any significant heating at all, the infrared heater had to run day and night. This meant that the favorable acquisition costs were immediately wasted.

The Freiburgers had a problem: The previous homeowners had moved the living room into an annex, but had refrained from connecting it to the gas heating system as well. The undersized infrared heater simply didn’t provide enough power to keep the beloved living room warm.

So a solution was needed, and it came in October 2017 in the form of the AeroFlow® MIDI 1950. This model not only provided the necessary power to finally bring the living room to a comfortable temperature. Mr. Ulrich calculates that he will have the same heating costs as at the time of infrared heating, despite more than twice the output. An explanation is easily found: Both heaters run on electricity, but the AeroFlow® model has an automatic function through which a heating schedule can be created. So the heater really only runs when it is supposed to. This is clearly noticeable in the power consumption. The infrared heater ran for 24 hours a day. The heating times now set ensure that the heating only does its work when no one is at home. Thus, there is always the optimal temperature and the Ulrichs’ woolen blankets serve as decoration today.

The specially ordered roller feet allow free placement of the MIDI 1950 in the room without much effort. Wall mounting is not necessary and the heater disappears into the basement outside the heating season.

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