Night storage out – AeroFlow® in

Kodersdorf is less than 15 minutes from our location in Vierkirchen and, like many other villages in the region, has many old houses. One of them, built around 1890, belongs to the Hase family. They bought their house in 2000, renovated it and moved into it in 2001. At that time still with the children who have moved out in the meantime. The exterior walls do not have thermal insulation, but they are about 60cm thick. Their night storage heaters are nevertheless almost cooled down when the two come home from work in the evening. They then lack cozy warmth and often the fireplace has to help to heat up in the evening.

Night storage is on the decline everywhere. They cause high electricity costs, give off heat inefficiently and constantly stir up dust. The two people from Kodersdorf know that, too. Now, finally, the radiators that were already installed when we bought the house are to go.

The start is made by the office of Mr. Hase. The moderately insulated sloping roof in his son’s former room regularly overtaxed the 1.5kW night storage tank. By the end of the day, there was not much left of the heat in the 200kg storage tank. It’s a different story with its new AeroFlow® electric heater. The weekly heating schedule for the AeroFlow® COMPACT 1300 was quickly set up with the integrated display controller. The device has been running since mid-January 2018. On weekdays between 7 and 8 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m., the 8m² room is already pleasantly warm at the set start time thanks to the automatic heating system. No heating times are set on weekends – manual switching off of the old night storage heater is no longer necessary, Mr. Hase is pleased to say. He had forgotten that from time to time in the past. Every time a costly mishap.

When choosing the right surface storage heaters, they paid special attention to the fact that the heaters are expandable with feet. In the old walls it is difficult to find stable places to mount the wall bracket. When asked, Ms. Hase tells us that she can already demonstrate a slight decrease in electricity consumption, and the office is also no longer dusty as quickly.

After this heating season, all remaining rooms will be converted as well. An electrician has already given the green light for the conversion, which is not always a matter of course in old houses. The night meter, including the tariff, has already been disconnected for the end of May.

This way, the fireplace can stay off more often for the Hase family starting next fall, and the electricity bill will also be smaller.

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