More beautiful bedrooms with AeroFlow®?

When you move into a new apartment, all rooms should be harmoniously designed. All the more annoying when the heat sources in particular come across as unsightly from the outset. Mr. and Mrs. Köster agree.
Just a few days after moving into her rented apartment near Göttingen, it was clear that the convector in her bedroom simply didn’t fit in with the rest of the room and had to go.
The device had been provided by the landlord, since the room does not have a connection to the central heating system.

Both attach importance to tasteful furnishings and have decided without further ado: The cheap appliance from the hardware store flies out!
An oil radiator was out of the question for the couple. Too great was the fear of evaporation from the device. So off to the computer:
They became aware of the AeroFlow® brand on the Internet. Our electric heater with 1300 W and integrated 2cm fireclay core should be the right alternative.
Finally, they were convinced by the very good reviews on Amazon. But what to do without a suitable account? One search query and a few clicks later, the transaction was then processed via our homepage By the way, it also works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Now the heating system also fits in with the rest of the room, as an AeroFlow® COMPACT 1300 has been doing its job in the Kösters’ bedroom for a few months now.
The built-in thermostat does not allow the new electric heating to start until the temperature drops below 16°C, Mrs. Köster writes to us.
She also reports that another danger in the bedroom has been eliminated: the oversized feet of the convector caused the occasional nighttime stumble with a sore toe.
The included wall mount allowed for space-saving installation next to the bed, finally giving more room on the already narrow path to it.

You have already recommended the device to your landlord, because there are more tenants in the house who are also bothered by the unsightly convector.

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