Summer domicile light

The LED lamp in the bathroom of the Finn cottage

The summer domicile of the Reinhardts is located in the forest. It’s just lovely, the rustling of the leaves and the fairly even cool temperatures despite the scorching heat. And as nature, piece by piece, approaches the cottage – the trees are getting bigger and bigger – the ravages of time are gnawing at the inventory. Initially, starting with a water, wall and floor renovation, the couple from the Black Forest quickly realized that the electrical system also needed a makeover. And this is best combined with new lamps.

The forest is shady, especially in summer. No matter how big the windows are, quite little light gets into the house. Especially in the bathroom, where we like to see more in the mirror to start the day well-groomed, it simply must be as bright as possible – and an LED panel should help tremendously.

Without further ado, the Jamaica type LED lamp was ordered on and installed in the 3m² room. Hardly connected, it was again: the light. Similar to the daylight of the summer sun and finally where it could never really shine before.

“I think we have now given a new, old favorite place a contemporary makeover. Let’s see if we can’t wake up more corners from their slumber…” writes Ms. Reinhardt to us in conclusion.

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