Illuminants – the agony of choice- 5 tips for changing

To illuminate one’s own rooms sensibly, so that a healthy indoor climate is also created, is usually not so easy. Because so many different illuminants are offered in the trade that you as a consumer are only spoiled for choice here. First and foremost, you need to be clear about one thing, the purpose why a bulb should be changed, for example, for their own safety or but to be able to save money.

An illuminant tip why should be changed

Various light sources from the trade, which include incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and fluorescent tubes, often make it difficult to choose the right one. Why change the bulbs in an apartment that is already furnished and occupied? What would make sense here and what would rather not. For example, they can switch from incandescent bulb to LED bulbs in a much-used lamp to be able to save money. In a lamp with a light bulb that is used little to not at all, such a change would bring rather little. But safety should also come first in many cases. So you can switch from a Halogon lamp that gets quite hot to LED lamps to avoid the risk of burns when touching. On the other hand, if you need light quickly when switching on, it is not useful to use an energy lamp, because it always brings a certain delay in switching on. Again, an LED lamp would be a good choice, as it would provide sufficient brightness immediately after being switched on. However, if it is a lamp that is to emit only a little light, then the energy lamp will still suffice here. However, for the sake of the environment, you should completely abandon fluorescent tubes and in any case use LED lamps here.

Our illuminant tip

LED lamps bring safety and you can save money

A good indoor climate starts with the lighting. Because light bulbs can also increase the living value in your rooms with their soft light. Or, they are way too expensive and you could save money with another solution. Therefore, you should also heed the lighting tip that LED lamps in particular help save money, but at the same time provide safety and a better indoor climate. For LED lamps have the advantages that, although a little more expensive to buy, but you will experience savings over a long period of use of the lamps. In addition, they offer safety compared to other lamps that can become hot during prolonged use.

LED lamps, on the other hand, you can touch without hesitation even after hours of use. Another lighting tip for your improved indoor environment is that the design of LED lamps has also improved significantly in recent years. The final lighting tip in favor of choosing LED lamps is that the indoor environment is also improved in terms of loads. This is because LED lamps are mercury-free and emit neither infrared nor UV radiation.

Thus, you can note that if you switch to LED lamps, you can save up to 80% energy, the lamps are very durable, because they can burn up to 25,000 hours. In addition, they are bright enough to give a good light, but still have pleasant warm white light colors.

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