Humidify air – what does it really bring you

Many know the problem. While in spring and summer the climate in the rooms is pleasant, in winter the mucous membranes begin to dry out. It itches in the throat and it burns in the nose. The hair becomes statically charged and quickly tangles. The skin is also unpleasantly dry. Basically, it’s the same every year. As the outside temperatures drop, so does the sense of well-being. But does it really have to be? After all, there are many ways to increase the humidity. But are humidifiers always necessary for a room climate bonus?

Room climate plus with simple means

The fact is that humidity decreases dramatically when temperatures drop below 0 degrees. If the room humidity then falls below 40 percent, this can cause damage to health. However, numerous simple means can be used to achieve an indoor climate bonus. These include, for example, houseplants. In each room two houseplants quickly provide balance. After bathing, the humidity can be distributed in all rooms through the open bathroom door. This is another easy way to increase humidity. But the easiest way is to ventilate.

Open the windows every few hours for sto.airing. Then the humidity increases rapidly. If possible, you should ventilate when the outside air contains more moisture than the indoor air. This can be easily found out by using two hygrometers, one located outdoors and the other in the living room.

Caution with devices for room humidification

But there are other ways to achieve an indoor climate plus. After all, numerous devices are offered in stores. But be careful. Not all devices deliver what they promise. Evaporators, for example, need a lot of electricity. They can also easily burn themselves. Without a hygrostat, the air quickly becomes too humid. The lime in the water also causes white deposits to form on the furniture. Various consumer institutes regularly conduct tests on humidifiers offered in stores. It has been noticed with numerous humidifiers that they enrich the room air with bacteria after a few weeks. So, a large part of electric humidifiers is unhygienic in the long run. In various tests, the models Klarstein Monaco and Comedes Umecto have performed the best. Both devices are suitable for medium-sized rooms. You may also like to use radiator evaporators in the winter. The small plastic containers are hung on the radiator without any problems. Again, bacteria easily spreads if the evaporators are not cleaned regularly. In addition, they are not very effective on modern heating systems.

The explanations make it clear that an indoor climate plus is most easily obtained by simple means. It doesn’t matter if it’s the open bathroom door or a few houseplants. To do this, if you ventilate several times a day in bursts, you will not have difficulties with the indoor climate in the winter.

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