How to care for parquet, laminate and floorboards

The new floor shines in all its glory and this shine should be maintained for as long as possible. Incorrect care or cleaning will quickly resent the wood. Below are tips on how to care for your floor with special consideration to whether it is hardwood, laminate or plank flooring.

What should you pay attention to when caring for laminate?

Laminate has made it to a great popularity in flooring and it is available in many different designs and price ranges. The quality of laminate has increased noticeably over the last few years, so even damp rooms and high-traffic areas can be equipped with it. Nevertheless, the laminate floor needs a minimum of care. Regular sweeping or vacuuming provides a solid foundation here and is quite sufficient in most cases. Here, vacuuming is preferable, because so much less dust is stirred up. If there are any stains or stubborn dirt on the floor, it is best to remove them by wiping and using a mild detergent. Because laminate is not made of wood, but has a thin surface of a printed decorative layer, special care must be taken not to damage it. Sand, small stones and high heels can leave scratches at any time, so avoid walking on the laminate floor with street shoes. In addition, dog claws can also make the laminate unsightly over time. Damp mopping should also be done without a lot of water. The wiping process should be “mist-damp”, which means that the cloth is thoroughly wrung out beforehand. Doormats and floor mats in front of the front door can be helpful if it is impossible to avoid walking on the laminate floor without street shoes.

Avoid and prevent damage from furniture

It is equally true for the three soil variants that this is very sensitive. Cabinets, tables and chairs quickly leave scratches when moved. These are particularly harmful to the laminate. A help can be felt glides, which are already attached to some furniture at the time of purchase. For furniture, such as chairs and armchairs, the felt glides must be checked at regular intervals because they wear out quickly. If necessary, they should be replaced immediately. It is always recommended to have a spare set of felt glides in the household. These can be purchased inexpensively online or at your local hardware store. Office chairs or furniture with casters can be equipped with special soft rubber casters that are gentler to the floor. Alternatively, there are also special PVC underlays for roller chairs for floors that are sensitive to scratches. These are placed under the rolling area of the chair to protect the flooring.

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Parquet and floorboard – extremely delicate surfaces.

Planks and parquet create a warm and pleasant living atmosphere. These are real wood flooring, so the surfaces are very delicate. Analogous to the laminate, here, too, be careful not to get sand or small stones on the floor. These act on the wooden floor like sandpaper and leave unsightly marks. Scratches can be repaired by sanding even after a long time, but good care is the basis for enjoying a beautiful floor for a long time.

What are the first steps when a plank or parquet floor is installed?

For parquet and floorboards, you should seal the wood – see cover picture. This is the most important step for subsequent care. There are different variants for sealing. In one-component sealing, the floor is sealed with one component, usually an acrylic varnish. This variant is inexpensive and relatively insensitive to scratches. In the case of a two-component sealant, another layer is applied in addition to the paint, which is intended to make the floor more resistant. The three-component sealant is comparable to the previous one in terms of the effect of the degree of hardness. The third layer helps against fading of the wood and is therefore used especially for light-colored floorboards or parquet. In all three variants, the hard coating is chemically based. If you do not want to use chemicals, you can still use oil- and wax-based sealants. However, this is a less durable protective film that needs to be renewed more frequently. In contrast to impregnation with varnishes, there is a clear reduction in moisture tolerance. Especially when cleaning the floor, this should be taken into account. Oil and wax will take care of the wood, but depending on the type of wood and the wear and tear on the floor, you will need to refinish at least once a year.

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In the case of planks, it should be noted that they may already be pre-treated. Then you do not necessarily need to treat them a second time. Likewise, when laying planks, you should pay attention to the joints and also impregnate them, because moisture can also collect there.

How do I have long time friends with my plank, parquet or laminate floor?

The best combination for maintaining the condition of the soil surface is low moisture paired with the right maintenance cleaners. You should absolutely avoid sharp cleaners, because they directly attack the surface. The more natural the soil has been left, the more likely it is to respond to moisture. Once a week, however, may be wiped in any case also mist-damp. There are also special parquet nozzles for the vacuum cleaner, which are particularly gentle on the surface. A suitable care product together with a gentle floor cleaner thus makes a lasting contribution to floor quality. However, in the case of parquet and floorboards, in comparison with laminate, it is still possible to renovate the floor after a long time by sanding it and then re-impregnating it. The exact care instructions may also differ slightly depending on the type of flooring or wood. Help can be a floor layer.

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