Frost protected apple storage

In the days of grandma and grandpa autumn harvests were stored in the frost-free home cellar.
This basement has since given way to a utility room and our sauna. Apples & Co. are available enough in the supermarket.

Grandma and Grandpa didn’t know about food scandals, green fingerprints and eco-balances. Today, these terms are inspiration for us to return to DIY. No need to tear out the sauna right away…

Revitalization of the “dead spaces

The place for our apple harvest was quickly found: In the shed was still free storage shelf (in the background of the picture). However, this is not frost-proof, and on top of that, the central heating does not reach here – not to mention unaffordable retrofit.

Plug & Heat

We found a small, mobile radiator, which can be optimally aligned to the room and storage rack. In addition, we can set the perfect storage temperature with the simple FlexiSmart thermostat of the COMPACT 1300. At about 3 to 4°C the apples can be stored frost-free. But only until they are eaten up. 🙂

Many thanks for photo and text to Mr. Kluge from Niesky! We would not have thought that there are such versatile applications for electric heaters.

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