Frost protected apple storage

31.01.23 10:58

In the days of grandma and grandpa, the autumnal crops were stored in the frost-free house cellar.
This cellar has meanwhile given way to a utility room and our sauna. There are plenty apples & Co. in the supermarket.

Grandma and Grandpa did not know food scandals, green fingerprints and eco-balances. Today, these terms are inspiration for us to return to DIY (do-it-yourself). No reason to tear out the sauna immediately ...

Reactivation of the unused spaces

The place for our apple harvest was quickly found: In the shed was a still free storage shelf (in the background). However, this is not frostproof, and the central heating does not reach the shed - not to mention a priceless retrofit.

Plug & Heat

We found a small, mobile radiator, which can be optimally aligned to the room and storage shelf. In addition, we can set the perfect storage temperature with the simple FlexiSmart thermostat of the COMPACT 1300. At about 3 to 4 °C, it is possible to store the apples frost-free. But only until they are eaten. 🙂

Thank you for photo and text to Mr. Kluge from Niesky! We did not have thought that there are so many possibilities for using electric heaters.




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“The AeroFlow is an efficient electric radiator that heats our rooms within 20 minutes and thus reduces the heating time by 80%. One Maxi AeroFlow radiator is enough to heat our living room of 40 m², despite the relatively poor insulation of our apartment.”
Yannik S.
“A few weeks ago, I purchased your Aeroflow 1300 direct radiator from After making the necessary changes in the modern meter box, the electrician used the existing wires from the former night heater. Advantages of this radiator: modern slim-type design, excellent display, no operating noise, measured electricity savings of approx. 35%. With its 1300 kWh, it has replaced the 4 kWh night storage heater. I am absolutely impressed with this radiator.”
Klaus Schütz
"Thank you once again for supplying us with the highest quality electric surface storage heater. We can now use our garden house not only in the summer, but all year round – and we can also put guests up for the night. Thanks to the feet with casters, the heater can be moved to any place and it is therefore never in the way when you want to use the place for another purpose. But the best is the pleasant warmth - exactly like that form a tile stove in a country house - yet with much better air as we do not use wood as a fuel. We are delighted!"
Andreas K.
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