Family bunny sweats not to freeze in winter

Do you remember the Hase family from Kodersdorf? We had reported that the Hase’s were planning to replace their old night storage units with AeroFlow® electric heaters. The night electricity tariff has now been cancelled and the associated electricity meter was recently removed by the energy supplier. Now the old night storage heaters are getting the boot. In the living room, children’s room, bathroom, as well as in the guest toilet, they are now dismantled and replaced as follows:

  • Dining area: AeroFlow® MAXI 2450 (formerly 1.5 kW night storage)
  • Living room: AeroFlow® COMPACT 1300 (formerly 1.0 kW night storage)
  • Guest bathroom: AeroFlow® MINI 650 (formerly 0.7 kW night storage)
  • Bathroom: AeroFlow® MAXI 2450 (formerly 1.5 kW night storage)
  • Guest room: AeroFlow® MIDI 1950 (formerly 1.5 kW night storage)

The fact that some AeroFlow electric heaters have more power than their predecessors does not increase power consumption: with more power, the room is heated up faster and the AeroFlow® sectional heater turns off sooner.

First to give way to the devices in the dining area, followed by those in the living room. The two rooms, along with the kitchen, are laid out in a U-shape in an open-plan living style. Three men dismantle the night storage tanks and bring the storage stones and the base body outside. The many hands are also necessary, because the stones have a decent weight. Mr. Hase had already dismantled the small night storage tank in the guest bathroom on his own the day before. Now follows the radiator in the former room of the daughter, meanwhile converted into a guest room. Last comes the second large storage heater in the bathroom of the second floor. Bathroom photos well show the thick walls of the old house.

Despite sweat and hard work, everything was dismantled in full anticipation. Now the scrap dealer is happy about a few kilograms of scrap metal. The insulation boards from the heaters end up at the recycling center in Niesky.

Learn more about the design of the new AeroFlow® electric heaters in the next article.

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