Electricity from solar energy finances heating costs

In vacation homes guests always expect handsome facilities with functional technology. Neither is the case with old electric night storage heaters. Many of the aging devices are now defective and no longer work economically.

Therefore, in this article we would like to introduce you to a very special place of use for AeroFlow® electric heaters: The Büdemji vacation home in Arosa, Switzerland.

The house, which is not specially insulated, was equipped with a photovoltaic system this year. The plant has a nominal power of 11.65 kWp and produces electricity in summer and winter. Most of this, of course, is produced and fed into the grid in the summer. The generated feed-in tariff serves as a reserve for the electricity costs of the dark winter days.

Located at an altitude of 1,775 m, the vacation home was equipped with AeroFlow® radiators with a total of 10.5 kW on three floors. The heating system is controlled wirelessly with wireless thermostats type X3D. These allow for individual temperature zones, e.g. individual living areas, to be controlled individually. Incidentally, the same principle can also be implemented with the new FlexiSmart controllers and additionally available app control.

Not only the owners of Büdemji, but also the guests, are now pleased with 12 modern surface storage heaters and the synergy of photovoltaic and electric heating.

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