Electric heating and stove cleverly combined

Many owners of a garden house are faced with the question: how to heat my weekend home without making large investments in the heating system?

Our customer Mr. Schubert from Leipzig has solved this problem particularly elegantly. The installation of a heating system for several thousand euros was out of the question for him. Moreover, such conversions are usually prohibited in rented garden plots anyway.

Nevertheless, to make the transition times particularly cozy, it relies on two different heating modes. Thus, to the already existing chimney simply installed a shapely fireplace for firing with wood. But Mr. Schubert cannot always be on site to feed the fire.

A second heating option was needed. After all, even his plants stored in the garden shed over the winter do not want to freeze.
To ensure a certain basic temperature, he therefore opted for an AeroFlow electric heater. He simply sets this temperature via the built-in display controller. The controller also allows him to set an individual weekly schedule, similar to a timer. So the garden house is already warmed up when Mr. Schubert makes his way to his garden after his Saturday breakfast. In addition, he no longer needs to worry about mold, because the plants stored in the garden shed over the winter, secrete abundant moisture.

For a very special look, the Leipzig-based company has chosen one of over 180 available RAL colors. The powder coating was firmly baked by us during the production with the radiator and gives the interior a very special charm. The modern gray harmonizes perfectly with the brick look and the anthracite of the fireplace, says the visibly enthusiastic garden enthusiast.

With such a furnished gazebo at frosty temperatures, even longer stays in the arbor are no longer opposed and Mr. Schubert can keep his domicile in the countryside warm with minimal running costs.

Here are a few snapshots of this radiator from our production:

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