Donation run in Kodersdorf

16.09.18 09:09

Since 2010 the donation run takes place at the "Adolf Traugott von Gersdorf grammar school" in Kodersdorf. For several years, we are pleased to assist the pupils in their run. Half of the revenue comes from the Sonnenstrahl e.V. The Sonnenstrahl e. V. Dresden cares for children and adolescents with cancer as well as their families during the illness and also afterwards.

The pupils ran a total of three hours and 15 minutes. This year, a new record was set: The approximately 1.3 km long lap was this time 4.269 times. This corresponds to a distance of almost 5,550 kilometers! That's more than five times from Munich to Berlin and back!

We congratulate the pupils for this great achievement and donate 22 rounds of 5 € for our team.

Picture credits: / private

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