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You probably spend the most time in your bedroom during your life. Whether it’s for sleeping, relaxing or doing small household chores like ironing or laying laundry. That is why it is important to decorate and furnish your bedroom according to your own needs, so that you can spend the most peaceful and relaxing hours in it. The most important factor when decorating a bedroom is certainly the size of the room. Therefore, before starting the design of the bedroom is recommended to design a plan in advance. In it, it is possible to check with little effort which possibilities can be implemented at all.
Below we will tell you some of the most important factors for an elegant and space-optimized bedroom design. One or two tricks can already help to make your bedroom more spacious and modern.

The bed – the center

In the center of any bedroom, of course, is the bed. It is desirable to have uncomplicated accessibility to the sleeping accommodation so that one can reach one’s sleeping quarters and lie down without injury even in the dark. In this case, in addition to furniture in the foot area, you must also consider the head area, for example. Sloping ceilings or wall cabinets above the bed, take into account.
Also, when choosing the bed itself, the size of the room should not be ignored. Rule of thumb here: the smaller the room, the smaller the bed. For couples, a bed with a size of 1.4 x 2 meters is often enough. For spacious bedrooms, futon or box-spring beds, which are becoming increasingly popular, come into question.

Thermotec AG - Optimal design bedroom - master bedroom 2014865 1920
Thermotec AG - Optimal design bedroom - master bedroom 2014865 1920

If you still need a lot of storage space for your hoarded belongings, you should use a bed with drawers underneath the lying surface. Drawers or box systems are often fitted to single and married beds and are an unobtrusive but practical opportunity to alleviate potential space problems within the apartment or house. Little-used items disappear here as well as the one or other piece of clothing to relieve the overcrowded closet and during sleep the storage options also do not disturb.
A frequently asked question is the location of the bed within the bedroom. Should it be placed in the middle? Or would you rather have it by the window? Or maybe on the wall? As an answer, especially the third alternative has become popular, because this, on the one hand, saves space, contributes to the coziness and often best fits into the concept of the room.

Furniture and room color

In addition to the bed, the stay depends significantly on the environment in which you sleep. Therefore, the style of furniture and painting of the room are also elementary for the sleep of each person. Especially lighter colors like white, rosé or beige have become popular for the bedroom. They all have a calming effect on people and therefore promote falling asleep in the evening. Dark colors, on the contrary, have exactly the opposite effect on people and are therefore not advisable for a bedroom. Wall tattoos, borders and decorative wall paintings complete the overall picture and bring a personal touch to the bedroom.

Various types of bedroom furniture leave almost no wishes unfulfilled: Whether large or small, practical or playful, made of solid real wood or inexpensive MDF board – the right offer can be found for every taste and budget. By the way, real wood (preferably untreated) improves the indoor air, because here little to no evaporation of the materials used. Especially the height significantly contributes to the appearance of the room. For example, if the cabinets reach the ceiling of the room, it can affect the shape of the room, but at the same time provide a lot of storage space for clothes. Flatter pieces of furniture tend to soften the overall impression. Sideboards are a good example – they look modern and provide storage space for bedding or towels. The space created by a sideboard can be used as a decorative shelf or even as an ironing board in small rooms – provided a suitable base.

Thermotec AG - Optimal design bedroom - bedroom 1078887 1920
Thermotec AG - Optimal design bedroom - bedroom 1078887 1920

Skillfully install light sources

The last important factor in decorating a bedroom is light sources, whether artificial or natural. The same principle applies here as with the wall colors: Dark lighting should be avoided. However, it may be useful to install wall lights. These should indirectly illuminate the walls, which in most cases make the room and also sleeping area appear much larger and create a cozy atmosphere. Together with the appropriate furniture, they complete the overall picture. In addition, those who read a lot and with pleasure, should think about reading lamps. This will adequately illuminate the reading area and make it easier to read without harming your eyes. Those who have large windows in the bedroom, especially in the summer should use the light of the evening sun for lighting.


By paying attention to a few points, you too can design your bedroom according to your wishes. For a homely atmosphere, it is necessary to skillfully combine the position and type of bed, as well as storage space, furniture and lighting. So your bedroom will be practical during the day and cozy at night.

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