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31.01.23 10:42

Kodersdorf is less than 15 minutes from our location in Vierkirchen and has, like many other villages in the region, numerous old houses. One of them, built around 1890, belongs to the Hase family. The two bought their house in 2000, renovated and moved in 2001. At that time still with the now moved out children. Although the outer walls have no thermal insulation, they are about 60cm thick. Their night storage heaters are almost cold when they come home from work in the evening. The two then lack cozy warmth and often the fireplace has to help in the evening to heat up the rooms.

Night storage heaters are everywhere on the decline. They cause high electricity costs, inefficiently dissipate heat and constantly stir up dust. The two Kodersdorfer know that, too. Now, finally, the already installed radiators when buying the house have to vanish.

The beginning is Mr Hase's office. The moderately isolated pitched roof in his son's former room overwhelmed the 1.5kW night storage regularly. After work, there was not much left of the heat in the 200kg storage. The situation is different with his new AeroFlow® electric heater. The weekly heating schedule for the AeroFlow® COMPACT 1300 was quickly implemented with the integrated display controller. The device has been running since mid-January 2018. Weekdays between 7 and 8 a.m. and 16 to 18 p.m., the 8sqm room is pleasantly warm even at the set start time thanks to the automatic heating function. No heating times are set at weekends - the manual switching off of the old night storage heater is no longer required, says Mr. Hase. He forgot that in the past. Each time a costly mishap.

When choosing the right surface memory storage, the two have paid particular attention to the fact that the heaters can be extended with feet. In the old walls it is difficult to find stable places to mount the wall bracket. On request, Ms. Hase tells us that she can already show a slight decline in electricity consumption, and the office is no longer so dusty.

After this heating season, all other rooms will be converted. An electrician has already given the green light for the retrofitting, in old houses is this not always self-evident. The night electricity meter, including the tariff, is already deregistered at the end of May.

So the fireplace can be shut off more often at the Hase family and the electricity bill will also be smaller, starting next fall.




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“The AeroFlow is an efficient electric radiator that heats our rooms within 20 minutes and thus reduces the heating time by 80%. One Maxi AeroFlow radiator is enough to heat our living room of 40 m², despite the relatively poor insulation of our apartment.”
Yannik S.
“A few weeks ago, I purchased your Aeroflow 1300 direct radiator from After making the necessary changes in the modern meter box, the electrician used the existing wires from the former night heater. Advantages of this radiator: modern slim-type design, excellent display, no operating noise, measured electricity savings of approx. 35%. With its 1300 kWh, it has replaced the 4 kWh night storage heater. I am absolutely impressed with this radiator.”
Klaus Schütz
"Thank you once again for supplying us with the highest quality electric surface storage heater. We can now use our garden house not only in the summer, but all year round – and we can also put guests up for the night. Thanks to the feet with casters, the heater can be moved to any place and it is therefore never in the way when you want to use the place for another purpose. But the best is the pleasant warmth - exactly like that form a tile stove in a country house - yet with much better air as we do not use wood as a fuel. We are delighted!"
Andreas K.
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