30-year guarantee as a promise of quality

Since the founding of Thermotec, the goal has been to supply top class and quality electric heaters. We create durable, high-quality heaters that have proven themselves over a long period of time. During production, we set ourselves and our products the highest demands and pay attention to this with utmost care and precision.

Since offering the best quality is an integral part of Thermotec’s corporate philosophy, we offer our customers a 30-year functional guarantee for the entire heating element and the body, regardless of the statutory warranty rights.

You can see the detailed guarantee conditions here here.
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1. Scope of Warranty

The functional 30-year guarantee for the heating element covers the heating core elements, thermal switches and cables. The functional guarantee for the radiator’s body covers the durability of all riveted joints, welded seams and the materials used. The functional guarantee for the body does not cover the normal ageing of the coating and damages caused by an external action or improper use. In the event of a complaint, the repair may be carried out on site or the complete replacement of the radiator may be necessary. The manufacturer’s guarantee for thermostats and controllers is 2 years. In the event of a complaint, the side panel can be replaced thanks to the modular design.

Our warranty conditions regulate the additional warranty claims, which are in addition to the statutory warranty claims of the customer.

The manufacturer’s warranty only applies to the original purchaser. It expires when the radiator is resold. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase, i.e. the date on the invoice.

The warranty is provided if a manufacturing and/or material fault occurs in our radiators and the accessories during the warranty period. Within the warranty period, we will rectify free of charge any malfunctions that can be demonstrably attributed to a material defect or defective workmanship. Our guarantee includes the free exchange of defective parts as well as the provision of free spare parts during the warranty period.

We are only liable if the function of the radiator is impaired and the defect is not caused by negligent, intentional or improper handling, use of force, transport, misuse, connection to incorrect mains voltages, failure to observe the appropriate operating instructions or installation instructions, improper cleaning or corrosion damage due to caustic water, by chemical and / or electrochemical effects or by normal wear and tear.

The warranty will become void if the unit has been tampered with or if repairs have been attempted by persons who have not been authorised to do so by us. Please note that the dismantling of the radiator by the customer or third parties is fundamentally not permissible. If there is a violation, warranty entitlement shall cease to apply.

The possible replacement of the radiator’s modular side panel (e.g. when changing the control technology) and/or the possible shortening of the connecting cable (e.g. removal of the Schuko plug for the purpose of making a conditional permanent connection) does not lead to a loss of warranty, insofar as no intervention or changes of electronic components takes place, beyond the necessary extent of the modification to be performed, and the correspondingly permissible work is performed by a qualified expert.

The warranty covers the careful inspection of the radiator or the accessories whereby it must be initially determined whether a warranty claim applies. In the event of a claim under the warranty, we solely decide in which manner the fault shall be rectified. We are at liberty to replace a radiator or accessory or to perform a repair. During the warranty period, we assume all material, assembly and transport costs within the scope of this warranty.

In addition to the above-mentioned warranty service, the end customer cannot assert any claims for indirect damage or consequential damage caused by the device, in particular for compensation for damages incurred outside the device.

2. Settlement of warranty claims

Complaints are generally processed by the seller from whom the radiator was purchased. The complaint must be made in writing using the complaint form. If no online form is available, other written transmission methods can be used. Only if the seller has ceased its business activity, will the manufacturer directly take over the performance of the guarantee. In this case, please send the complaint to, THERMOTEC AG, Arnsdorf 26, 02894 Vierkirchen. We will then send you the warranty claim form and handle the claim.

3. Costs of installation, repair and transport

The Seller/Retailer decides on the warranty processing method, that is the return or replacement of the side panel with a thermostat, the return or replacement of the entire radiator or repair on site. In the case of a return of goods, all shipping costs are covered, however, this does not include any dismantling and installation costs at the customer’s premises.

4. Regional validity

The warranty conditions apply worldwide. However, shipping costs are only covered up to a maximum of €150 per claim.


Fast and uncomplicated complaint processing

All Thermotec electric radiators undergo several quality controls during production. Quality fluctuations are reduced to a minimum by checking the individual stages of production.

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Nevertheless, if you still wish to place a complaint, our service team will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone on +49 35827789340 or by email at

In the event of a complaint, please use our complaint form
to ensure quick and uncomplicated processing. Alternatively, you can also send us the completed guarantee document
by email. We will then contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the further proceedings.
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