Effortless heating thanks to AeroFlow®

Supplementary heating or central heating? What investment is worthwhile in a renovated house with a wood-coal furnace?
After a short research, Mr. Rösler from Reutlingen could decide for himself: An electric heating system from AeroFlow® was needed.
This is the only way to avoid expensive retrofitting, and for little money still have their living rooms warm.

He has owned his house near the city garden since 2014. The previous owner had properly renovated the property, but had not installed central heating.
“With a 40-hour work week, heating in the evening hours is just too exhausting for me,” says the quality manager. “Also, it takes time for rooms to warm up.”

A convenient solution was needed. “With the FlexiComfort display controller, I have set up a weekly program according to my daily routine,” says Mr. Rösler happily.
This reduces the purchase of coal and wood, and the running costs of surface storage heating are zero outside the heating season.
His rooms are now already warmed up when he gets home – and without heating the oven every day. He and his neighbors can also do without the sight of an unsightly gas or oil tank in the garden thanks to this decision.

Measured over twenty years, Mr. Rösler calculates, he pays the same amount with AeroFlow® electric heating as with oil or gas. By the way, he doesn’t have to tear up his house for the electric auxiliary heating.

“And when I retire at 65, maybe I’ll have more time to do wood again. Then I can choose whether I heat electrically or with wood and coal.”

We say thank you for the interview!

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