Our electric heaters in use

Frost protected apple storage

In the days of grandma and grandpa, the autumnal crops were stored in the frost-free house cellar.This cellar has meanwhile given way to a utility room and our sauna. There are plenty apples & Co. in the supermarket. Grandma and Grandpa did not know food scandals, green fingerprints and eco-balances. Today, these terms are inspiration […]
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Electric heating retrofitting at the Hases

After a successful test and expansion of the old night storage it is time to set up the new AeroFlow® heaters at family Hases house. The construction is quick and uncomplicated: Unpack, mount the pedestals, upend the radiator, done. The still missing 230V outlets after removal of the night storage an electrician has installed in […]
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Electricity from solar energy finances the heating costs

In holiday homes, guests always expect neat furnishing with functional technology. Both are no longer present with old electric night storage heaters. Many of the aging devices are now defective and no longer work economically. Therefore we would like to introduce you in this article to a very special place of application of the AeroFlow® […]
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Garden house - Overnight stay is now also possible in cool temperatures

Dear Thermotec Team, we thank you again for the delivery of the first-class electric radiator. We can now use our garden shed not only in the summer, but throughout the year - even for overnight guests. We had a visit last weekend and the visitors were very happy about the even heat distribution of the […]
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Family Hase is sweating, so they don't need to be cold in winter

Do you remember family Hase from Kodersdorf? We had reported that the Hars's plan to replace their old night storage heating with AeroFlow® electric heaters. The night-time tariff has been cancelled and the associated electricity meter has recently been dismanteled by energy suppliers. Now the old night storage are in for it. In the living […]
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The more reliable heat source

For many years, our customer Adma-Kulturzentrum Schloss Rudolfshausen has been using AeroFlow® heaters as additional heating for fault-prone oil heating system in the poorly insulated and draughty mansion. Since the institution also finances itself through donations, we have provided the Peace Center for the already purchased models another MAXI 2450 with castors free of charge. […]
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Additional heating comfort with AeroFlow®

Mr. and Mrs. Schmidtke have been married happily for some years, but a topic led to discussions at the Dortmundern again and again: While Mrs. Schmidtke wanted to have it warm in the house and quickly freezes in the spacious living room, Mr. Schmidtke is completely satisfied with the existing underfloor heating. He also feared […]
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Night storage heater out - AeroFlow® in

Kodersdorf is less than 15 minutes from our location in Vierkirchen and has, like many other villages in the region, numerous old houses. One of them, built around 1890, belongs to the Hase family. The two bought their house in 2000, renovated and moved in 2001. At that time still with the now moved out […]
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Same costs with twice the performance!

Who wants to sit in the winter with thick blankets in his own living room? Family Ulrich not, therefore a infrared heater with 900 watts was a must, quickly. That should be enough for home annex. But to get any appreciable warming, the infrared heater had to operate day and night. Thus, the low initial […]
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Nicer bedrooms with AeroFlow®?

If you move into a new apartment, all rooms should be designed harmoniously. All the more annoying when just the heat sources look unsightly. This is also what Mr. and Mrs. Köster think.A few days after moving into her apartment near Göttingen, it became clear: the convector in her bedroom just does not fit in […]
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  • “The AeroFlow is an efficient electric radiator that heats our rooms within 20 minutes and thus reduces the heating time by 80%. One Maxi AeroFlow radiator is enough to heat our living room of 40 m², despite the relatively poor insulation of our apartment.”
    Yannik S.
    “A few weeks ago, I purchased your Aeroflow 1300 direct radiator from After making the necessary changes in the modern meter box, the electrician used the existing wires from the former night heater. Advantages of this radiator: modern slim-type design, excellent display, no operating noise, measured electricity savings of approx. 35%. With its 1300 kWh, it has replaced the 4 kWh night storage heater. I am absolutely impressed with this radiator.”
    Klaus Schütz

    "Thank you once again for supplying us with the highest quality electric surface storage heater. We can now use our garden house not only in the summer, but all year round – and we can also put guests up for the night. Thanks to the feet with casters, the heater can be moved to any place and it is therefore never in the way when you want to use the place for another purpose. But the best is the pleasant warmth - exactly like that form a tile stove in a country house - yet with much better air as we do not use wood as a fuel. We are delighted!"
    Andreas K.

  • „Absolut genial!
    Wir haben unser Ferienhaus komplett damit ausgerüstet, und sind begeistert. Einfach und unkompliziert. Die Gäste finden es toll und wir haben gegenüber unserem alten Nachtspeicher viel Stromkosten gespart - sehr zu empfehlen“
    Frank Fahr

    „Tolle Alternative zur Nachtspeicherheizung.
    Wir haben das Haus mit insgesamt 11 verschiedene Heizkörpertypen ausgestattet und sind damit sehr zufrieden. Der Austausch einer defekten Steuerung wurde unbürokratisch und schnell abgewickelt. Der Stromverbrauch für unser Haus gesamt mit Wasseraufbereitung, Heizung und restlichem Strom lag im letzten Jahr bei insgesamt 7.400kwh. Das ist ein Top Wert und unterstreicht nochmals die richtige Entscheidung getroffen zu haben.“
    Marcus Sell
    „Sehr zu empfehlen.
    Ich nutze die Heizung als Zusatzheizung in unserem Wohnzimmer. Damit haben wir auch bei niedrigen Temperaturen noch genügend Wärme, falls unsere betagten Gasheizungen nicht ausreichen.“
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