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28.08.18 09:08

We are pleased that we as employer in Upper Lusatia can also make the region more attractive.

The challenges in the search for candidates in rural regions is a topic in the program at MDR SACHSEN - The Saxony Radio on 28.08.2018 at 07:30 in the regional news from the studio Bautzen:

One more reason for us to advertise at this point! Find our jobs on the Careers page.

Here is the complete article of the MDR:

"Faced with a shortage of skilled workers, many Upper Lusatian companies come up with something to help them find new staff. In job advertisements they advertise with special services. A company even has its own beach.
The company Thermotech AG in Vierkirchen has its own bathing lake with beach for its employees.

The applicant market in Upper Lusatia is highly competitive. For example, engineers and mechatronics technicians are in great demand, as well as bakers and sales staff. So if you are looking for new staff, you have to offer something more than the competition. Just like Thermotec AG in Arnsdorf in the municipality of Vierkirchen near Görlitz. It has about 40 employees who develop and produce electric radiators. The company is also looking for new people, from mechanical engineer to production employee. But attracting well-trained specialists to the small town of Arnsdorf with its approximately 500 inhabitants is not so easy.

The extras make the difference

The company has made its hidden location on a former quarry to her advantage: The site includes a small lake. "We have sand poured there for a beach, there is also a floating platform" says Daniel Kube from the Board of Thermotec AG. There, employees could spend their breaks, especially during the hot summer that had been very popular. They want to create a pleasant working environment, says Kube. Finally, working time is also lifetime. For applicants, such extras could tip the scales and finally decide on a job. So the company advertises in their job offers with the bathing lake, free cold drinks and a collegial corporate culture.

Significantly more special services

Such special services more and more companies in the Upper Lusatia highlight in their job advertisements, Mike Altmann from the Association Lausitz Matrix has noted. The association operates the regional job exchange In general, it can be said that the employers had significantly increased on extras such as the 13th monthly salary, daycare allowances or premiums, said Altmann. A look at the job market but also shows more unusual offers: So a baker from Seifhennersdorf offers 1,500 euros welcome bonus for a baker or pastry chef. Others advertise an on-site gym and tank vouchers, fresh fruit or massages.

Work with young talents remains important

At ULT AG in Löbau, employees can lease a bike recently - one of the many extras that the company offers. The family-run company develops and builds extraction and filtering devices for the industry. They want to create a good working atmosphere with the offers, so that the employees stay long after their recruitment, says company spokesman Stefan Meißner. So something like tank vouchers, flexible working hours and subsidies for the nursery costs have been there for many years at ULT. Nevertheless, the search for skilled workers remains difficult, says Meissner. The company not only has a good reputation in the region: In 2016, the company bosses were named Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year. To find staff, the ULT is therefore not only on extras and good working atmosphere, but also on junior staff. For this she works closely with the University of Applied Sciences Zittau / Görlitz and the schools."

Source: MDR/vis

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