Latest storage tech­ni­ques make the pro­ject excit­ing

The dream of a homeowner or entrepreneur:

Complete autarchy from the energy suppliers.

Due to the falling prices for photovoltaic systems, the current developments on the storage market and particulaly energy-efficient construction methods, this scenario is becoming more and more likely. In addition, the guaranteed feed-in compensation for self-generated solar power are falling steadily and will disappear completely in the near future. Both together with rising electricity prices make the operation of your own solar system particularly efficient if the electricity generated is consumed by yourself.


What counts in the end

In the future, it will be necessary to pay attention, on the one hand, to the insulation, and thus to the energy efficiency indexes, of the house, and on the other hand to having enough electrical appliances that consume the electricity generated as well as storage systems that make it possible to use the electricity when it is needed. In a private household - mostly in the evenings and in winter, i.e. at times when the sun is not shining.
The technological development is aimed precisely at this: Low-energy and passive houses reduce the overall energy requirement and sophisticated, affordable storage systems already temporarily store the solar power generated during the daytime. In addition, more and more consumer devices can be controlled digitally via an app, even remotely, so that they consume electricity when it is generated.
This is where our electric surface storage heaters come into play. With their fireclay core, they are particularly efficient and continue to heat also without electricity, as soon as they have reached the set temperature. And with our controller technology, you can control all radiators smartly via an app from anywhere.


Independence from political, natural limited availability of fossil fuels and rising prices.

Storage option

Improved possibilities to store the generated solar power and
thus keep it ready until consumption.


Photovoltaic electricity does not bring dirt and odors into the home like fossil fuels do.

Less energy consumption

More and more new buildings are being built as low-energy or passive-energy houses. However, old buildings can also be renovated in such a way that they meet the energy and technical requirements.


When using electric heaters you save the purchase of a controlled heating system. In addition, electric heaters are maintenance-free.


Own use of the self-generated solar power instead of feeding it into the public grid at low remuneration. A high degree of self-sufficiency can be achieved by storing the solar power temporarily.



Plan with the possibilities of tomorrow

Many important steps towards self-sufficient energy supply have already been taken. But much is still being developed. Therefore, it is important to think about the possibilities of tomorrow when planning today.

Buildings that are still heated with oil or gas today can, for example, be supplemented by electric radiators in the short term and converted into completely different heating in the long term. But even today you can heat an entire building exclusively with electric radiators using a photovoltaic system. Below are a few key points:

• a house with average insulation and about 100 m² requires about 6,500 kWh annually with our AeroFlow® electric radiators
• a conventional PV system with 10 kWp is sufficient for this
• for a 10 kWp solar system you need about 100 m² roof area

Due to the extremely high prices of gas and oil, there are hardly any major differences compared to heating with electricity. At the same time, you can further minimize your costs by feed-in tariffs, saving on a conventional oil or gas heating system, and due to the lack of maintenance costs such as chimney sweeping or the wear of parts in the heating system. Optimized use of heating and good building insulation can reduce costs further.


Made in Germany. Made by Thermotec.

Alle Elektroheizungen von Thermotec lassen
sich problemlos mit einer Photovoltaik-Anlage
kombinieren. Nutzen Sie die Sonnenenergie,
um sich die Wärme ins Haus zu holen!


Solar cells are no longer found only in classic PV modules on the roof but also on windows and masonry
Electricity storage systems will be larger and cheaper and will be installed in every PV system
Prices for solar cells continue to decline
More low energy and passive energy homes
Electric heaters become more efficient and act as storages themselves
Oil and gas will be more expensive and are only used in combination with electricity


The self-sufficient photovoltaic-powered heating system consists of a combination of surface storage heaters with other innovative heating methods. The development of future visions is a big part of Thermotec’s philosophy.
Innovations at Thermotec
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