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In many cases, surface storage heaters with a fireclay core are also suitable heaters for industrial and commercial rooms. The simple installation and commissioning of the heaters has proven to be particularly advantageous in offices and social rooms connected to warehouse halls, because the distribution of centrally generated heat over large areas is usually not particularly effective. The decentralised generation of thermal heat using electricity at the locations where there is a specific need often makes more sense. Surface storage heaters are particularly suitable for this, due to the efficient conversion of electricity into heat, short start-up time and flexibility.

In office containers on construction sites, heaters are also a sensible option for targeted heat provision in individual areas. The mobile AeroFlow® appliances from Thermotec are particularly practical in this regard. Because of their mobility, they can be moved spontaneously from one room to another. This makes it possible to react quickly to changing conditions that constantly appear at the construction site.

Surface storage heaters can also be useful in smaller storage rooms where it must not be too cold. In this way, the necessary temperatures can be reliably ensured in a targeted and needs-based manner. In retail trade, for example, storage space is usually limited and should be used very flexibly. Surface storage heaters have proven to be the suitable technology for a quick response to changing room temperature requirements. But even larger warehouses can be heated with electric radiators in a sensible manner. Frost-sensitive goods such as food or paints can also be protected with them.
Frost protection guard
in a storage room
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Electric surface storage heaters can also be a sensible option for events. At company conferences, training courses, barcamps and other events, it is often necessary to work flexibly with the available space. In many cases, this also means that targeted heating of the area with a central heating system is not possible everywhere. With mobile electric surface storage heaters, you have the option of generating heat exactly where it is needed. As an operator of the meeting place, you can respond more flexibly to the wishes of your guests and become more attractive for booking. Additionally, more unusual venues, in which other heating systems cannot be used sensibly, can be rented out during the cold months.
Use in a shoe shop


Cosy warmth at the right time

Surface storage heaters are also a good choice for use in medical practices and clinics. The flexible mobile AeroFlow® surface storage heaters from Thermotec can be moved instantly from room to room. This is an interesting solution in a situation when individual treatment and examination rooms are only used every now and then and permanent heating does not make sense. However, the mobile heaters are also useful for pleasantly heating a large room. This can be important, for example, in physiotherapy practices. The treatment room is brought to a comfortable temperature with the AeroFlow® radiator. In the course of a strenuous treatment session, no further reheating is then necessary.

The smart control of several electric radiators via an app also makes it possible to define heating zones quickly and easily. They can be quickly and easily activated by you or your employees. In this way, a treatment room can be prepared for a patient’s visit in a targeted manner. The time-controlled preheating of the practice rooms before opening is also possible with the help of the smart thermostat. This makes sense, especially in the healthcare sector, where early opening hours are often common.
Electric surface storage heaters have the advantage of being extremely low-maintenance. Failures generally occur only occasionally. If, however, they do occur, the mobile radiator can easily be replaced with another unit. Also permanently installed surface storage heaters can be exchanged quickly in the event of a possible failure. The repair is therefore not necessary during the opening hours of the practice or clinic. Periodical maintenance of the heaters is not necessary, unlike with conventional heating systems. Any inspection visits by chimney sweeps are also unnecessary. Uninterrupted operation of the practice is thus ensured.

The AeroFlow® radiators are also designed to prevent dust deposits. This means that the surface storage heaters are not only suitable for allergy sufferers, but are also perceived by patients as more hygienic than other heaters. Due to the generously designed surface of the radiators, the heat generated is better distributed to the lamellas and the combustion of dust particles is prevented. This makes using a surface storage heater, for example in the waiting room, a good idea.
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