Additional heating comfort with AeroFlow®

Mr. and Mrs. Schmidtke have been happily married for a number of years, but one topic always led to discussions among the Dortmund residents: While Mrs. Schmidtke liked to have it warm in the house and quickly froze in the spacious living room, the existing underfloor heating was perfectly sufficient for Mr. Schmidtke. He also feared that additional heating could cause high costs. A compromise had to be found in order not to upset the balance of the house.

The Schmidtke couple found this in the form of the AeroFlow® SLIM 1200. With its 1,200 watts, the electric heater reliably and quickly delivers cozy temperatures in the form of infrared and convection heat. The mobile base is particularly practical, enabling Mrs. Schmidtke to place the 24 kg auxiliary heater exactly where she wants it. This keeps the living room, which also serves as the children’s playroom, extra warm when needed. Ms. Schmidtke expresses her excitement about this ability to move the unobtrusive, sleek-modern surface storage unit around the room to suit her needs.

Mr. Schmidtke is particularly enraptured by the easy commissioning of the AeroFlow®, since he says he has “two left hands,” as he confesses to us on the phone. The AeroFlow® SLIM 1200 is placed on the mobile base and plugged into the socket – even he managed that, Mr. Schmidtke laughs. And in the summer he simply stows the heater in the basement.

Ms. Schmidtke adds that she thinks the heating plan function is a great advantage. Thanks to the personalized settings, which Mr. Schmidtke could easily make himself, the heating only ever runs when she or the children are also at home. In any case, it is only switched on from an outside temperature of about -5 degrees Celsius. In this way, the Schmidtke family can heat at low cost and enjoy a warm living room. How nice when a compromise satisfies all sides like this!

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