How to get more from your heater
Whether it concerns bases, castors, towel rails or smart controls: The accessories of the AeroFlow® surface storage heaters offer the perfect complement for every application. For a better overview, we have divided the AeroFlow® accessories and options into 6 categories. This way, you can quickly find exactly the accessory that is needed for the optimal use of the electric heater.
Special colours
Assembly & installation
Radio and Internet
Design & function
Spare parts


High-quality powder coatings increase the value of the product
All Thermotec electric heaters are coated directly at the production site in Arnsdorf site with a high-quality powder coating. This powder coating process ensures a high durability of the surfaces and protects the heaters from corrosion. To prevent short circuits inside the heaters, the housings are even powder coated from the inside.
The standard colour of our electric heaters is pure white. The majority of all heaters produced at Thermotec are coated in this color. In addition, we offer the heaters in the shades of light ivory, quartz gray and anthracite gray. These 3 colors have been part of the standard program for some time and are available from stock as far as possible.
AeroFlow® electric radiators can also be supplied in other RAL colours. Here you can download and view the RAL colour range in PDF format. Since the coating of individual heaters and accessories in special colours is individual handwork,a delivery time of approx. 4-5 weeks should be allowed for when ordering.

RAL colour range


Practical accessories for the individual use of the electric heater

Castor set

Do you need a mobile heater? No problem with the rolling base for AeroFlow® electric heaters. The rolling base makes it easy to move the heater on hard and soft surfaces. The location can thus be changed in seconds and even a move to other rooms is easily possible.

Note: Not suitable for SLIM TALL.

Base set

The base set made of powder-coated stainless steel is used wherever the wall mount cannot be securely fastened. Thus, rooms with old masonry, drywall or porous tile joints can be comfortably heated electrically.

Note: Not suitable for SLIM TALL.

Srewable base set

With this base, the AeroFlow® electric heater can be installed without the wall bracket (for example, in the case of non-load bearing plasterboard walls) and screwed directly to the floor. The stable metal structure ensures stability and prevents the appliance from overturning. You can place the electric heater exactly where you need it. Air circulation is not affected.

Wall bracket

For AeroFlow® electric radiators with a relevant construction height of 325 mm, 610 mm or 1250 mm.

Note: The bolts and pins supplied are in standard version. For mounting the radiator e.g. to plasterboard / vertical-post log walls, use properly adapted material.


Smart solutions for more living comfort

Gateway for FlexiSmart

AeroFlow® heaters with FlexiSmart controls can also be controlled from anywhere in the world via the free iOS and Android app. For this purpose, this gateway communicates directly with the antenna installed in the side panel of the heater, thus enabling control via your smartphone. Find out more about the gateway on our info page Thermostats & Smart Home.

Wireless room thermostat X3D

The wireless room thermostat measures the temperature where it is placed. It can be positioned freely in the room and communicates wireless directly with heaters with X3D receiver. Heating plans can be programmed directly in the thermostat. For each temperature zone (e.g. a room) a thermostat is needed. Find out more about the X3D thermostat on the info page Thermostats & Smart Home.

TYDOM Smart Home Box

With this gateway and the assorted free app, you can easily manage your X3D room thermostats from your smartphone. After the connection between thermostat and TYDOM, the heaters can be managed on the go. Delivery incl. power cord and RJ45 cable.


Design solution combined with practical functionality
AeroFlow® surface storage heater without design front

Design front

Surface storage heaters with lamellas at the front have been known for decades. However, there is an increasing demand for more visually-pleasing surfaces or for an alternative design. We fulfil this wish with our decorative front and a new cover with a bright, modern surface has been introduced into the range.
AeroFlow® surface storage heater with design front

The decorative front as a protection against interference

In addition to improving the appearance, the decorative front also serves as a protection against interference. This can be especially important when used in children’s rooms or kindergartens/nurseries, where children play near heaters and there is a risk that they could put their hands between the lamellas. The temperature between lamellas (for a heater without a decorative front) can reach up to 95°C, and on the decorative front it is no more than 65°C.

Towel rail

Dry and warm towels in the bathroom or the kitchen are very popular. With the towel rail, your AeroFlow® electric heater can do that too. It is mounted in seconds: Remove cover, hang bracket in slats, replace cover, done! No drilling, no screws.

Note: Only use for wall-mounted heaters!


Did you know that dusty radiators use more electricity?

Cleaning brush

To ensure that your heating systems work as efficiently as they did on the first day for years, they should be regularly cleaned from the inside. For this purpose, this high-quality brush made of real goat’s hair is perfect (100% goat hair). The dust is thus removed from the slats and the air can easily flow through the openings again. The wooden handle fits comfortably in the hand and the plastic coating of the wire prevents scratches on the powder coating.


Elements for replacement

Heater cover

available for all AeroFlow® electric heaters in the respective width

Heater side panel

Available for 3 radiator heights:
325 mm, 610 mm or 1250 mm. All side panels are available in the following equipment versions
- FlexiSmart (with app-enabled display control)
- FlexiComfortApp (with X3D* radio receiver, optionally extendable with Domotik/Webconnector app control interface)

* The first time the controller changes over to X3D radio control with the use of a side panel, an additional X3D radio transmitter (article no. TF015) will be required and, optionally, Domotik TY-DOM 1.0 interface (article no. HZ064) for the app control extension.

The X3D radio receiver can be switched to the older X2D radio version with a simple button and it is therefore compatible with the relevant X2D transmitter.

Since 2015, it is possible to replace the side panels with a thermostat as standard for all AeroFlow® radiators. Since the radiator is not opened when the side panel is replaced, this allows its long-term guarantee to be maintained. The replacement instructions and a suitable assembly wrench are included with the side panel upon delivery.

For older radiators, minor adjustments may be necessary for the attachment.
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